Pill Bag Refill - 400 Pack Sample

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Pill Pack System

5/9/2017 by Robert

Currently on a trip and used the pill pack system which takes a lot less room in the suitcase. Easy to use and don't have to worry about containers coming open and pills scattered all over the suitcase. Great product


Takes away the boredom of sorting meds

5/4/2017 by Karen

I have way too many prescription to feel as young as I do. But, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, pain and depression from a bad car accident and the daily pill count adds up. And takes up way too much space to lug around. So, I now have a whole month of meds in one Ziploc with this system. And, it's kind of fun to use.


Pill Suite is awesome

5/3/2017 by Walter

We just recently, went on a few days vacation, and was able to make packets, of our pills, with out taking, all of our pill bottles, like we were doing. Very ingenious product. Very helpful, and easy to use.


Love this.

5/3/2017 by Lynda

Love. Easy to use and very convenient when traveling.



5/1/2017 by Lauren

Loving this system so much! I take a ton of medication everyday and this is just what I am looking for! So glad there are refills!!!


love this

3/6/2017 by Carol

I have been using this system for almost a month now and I love it. Having my pills in the packets is so convenient when I am on the road. For me, opening the packages to fill have not been an issue. They only open from the end with the three small up arrows. I also ordered another set of packets, but they are right now out of stock. Without them, the system is useless. I hope the packets are always available.


The pill suite

2/25/2017 by Jeff

Best purchase for medicine ever.
90 year old mother with early stage dementia could never get her pills right. Now using this system,it goes flawlessly!


GREAT way to travel...

2/18/2017 by DONNA

Love the Pill Pack System....If I am traveling for a couple of days, I don't have to lug along a number of bottles. I just load said pills in the little plastic bags, seal and I am off.


Great pill organizer

7/20/2020 by luigi

First, Grommet is a terrific place to buy from, really innovative things and quick service. This pill organizer is one of those items you didn't know you needed until you got it, well that's me. It does a wonderful job, even when my chubby fingers can't get the packet open on the 1st try. I fix a few more days of my pills just in case and the packets hardly take up any room in my backpack.


great product

4/21/2020 by Susie

Having refills is an absolute must! Just wish they came in a larger size roll.

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