Pill Bag Refill - 400 Pack Sample

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Clever contraption

10/15/2018 by Carrie

Love this little item but only have two problems with it. The paper is SOOO thin than it sometimes tears and the pills spill out. That's a big problem for me. Another problem I have is trying to get the packages open to fill them. If the tear line to separate the packages was not even with each other it might be helpful. Other than that works like a charm. If those two things could be changed a big it's a dream machine.


Bad Roll

9/30/2018 by Kristi

One roll was great, however the second roll had one side that didn't stay sealed (not the one you seal with the machine). I ended up throwing over half of them away and had many spilled pills in my carrying case.

Will try another roll, but was very disappointed in the quality.


disappointed there are no refill bags.

9/20/2018 by Donna

Without being able to get the refill Bags, this product is rendered useless for me. I have tried using other zip-top bags and the seal does not work. I would like my money back since there is no word on when or if the refill bags are available.


Ehhh... usable but needs improvement

5/17/2017 by Kim at Dogwood Ridge

The reason I need so many is because they tear easily and a lot get wasted as they tear vertically and not just horizontally. Maybe there's a trick that I haven't figured out yet.


Great Concept but.....

5/3/2017 by Diane

We love the concept of this & found it a great way to pack daily medications for our travels. The issue though is that the litttle bags almost impossible to open to fill. We have struggled for over 5 minutes to open 1 bag! This gas been enough of an issue that we don't use it!



2/18/2017 by Rae

Like the idea of the packets - sorry they are difficult to open to fill. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I was unaware of the system of these bags

8/8/2019 by Lynn

I bought these bags not knowing that they belong to a system. They are fragile and as I tear them apart...they often rip.
Perhaps they are better within the system of which I am unaware. Not happy with this purchase


Bags are delicate

7/1/2019 by Susan

The bags are very delicate. They come in a strip with perforations between bags. There is also a perforated edge to open the filled bag. When separating the bags, it is easy for the one perforated edge to grab the next and open two sides, ruining the bag. Also, since I am using this tool to bring my supplements, not medicines, I wish the bags came in a bigger size. (I take a lot of supplements.)


Difficult to use

6/26/2019 by Lisa

I had a heck of a time filling these little pouches. It's supposed to save me time and took 3 times as long to do than filling my pill box


Very difficult to open new packet

6/13/2019 by Leslie

Purchased this product in 2017. It’s a great idea. But unless they have changed the pill packets, they are nearly impossible to open to insert the pills. The plastic is very thin and adheres to itself. Rubbing it between your fingers to open only wrinkles it. I was determined to use this product but it took me over an hour to open and fill the packets for a two week trip. Once the packets were opened the process went quickly. The packets need to redesigned, if they haven’t already.

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