400 Packets Refill for Pill Pack System Case of 100

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Economical refills!

1/28/2020 by Karen

Pill pack systems from the pharmacy don't work for me as they don't honor the discount plans I have. However, this lets me still do pill packs easily and quickly at a very low cost. Very convenient and it's easy to take my meds when scheduled



1/23/2020 by Barbara

nice quality. bowl helps a lot.


Easy to keep track of your meddicine

1/6/2020 by Rick

I used many ways to sort my daily medicine by day and by time of day.

I was always worried about keeping my daily sorted medicine away from my grandkids. These packets work great. I package my pills for several days and keep the packs out of reach, I then take my daily dose and keep them where I remember to take them and by having the ability to write on each package, I know exactly what dose is next and which date I am on.

I ordered extra rolls of refill bags so I don’t run out. Very good product.


Refills a Must

11/17/2019 by Ada

I have not started using the refills but I have found in the past that if you don't order when you order the device, you cannot get the refills sometimes. I have only had my machine a week and this is starting week two. I enjoy the ease to which the machine works and the ease of which these open for us to take our medications


Fast Service

11/12/2019 by Richard

This is a unique item that I've been looking for a very long time. To my surprise, my item arrived quickly. Much sooner than I expected. I plan to continue viewing the Grommet Product Pages.


Extreme time saver

10/31/2019 by Kevin

Am a owner operator trucker
Time saving while on the road is great dont have to mess with all the bottles can make up a months worth of meds labled am and pm with a red and blue marker makes easy to see which one is which can put in pocket and take in to take with meal

Just love it


What a clever idea!

10/7/2019 by Pamela

We travel a lot and I am so happy with this purchase! Instead of taking two or three pill cases with my morning and evening pills, I can create theses small, biodegradable, easy to open pill containers, label them, and put them in a small pouch, and place them in my carry on! Such a clever idea! I have already ordered extra packets just in case they are no longer available. And the packets are so easy to fill. Such a clever idea!


Very Handy

6/27/2019 by Patricia

The Pill Suite is a very handy item, especially when travelling. I am frequently away from the house for a month at a time, and bringing all the pill bottles takes a huge amount of space that I don't have in my suitcase. It also has a space to write on each pill case. This helps me know if I remembered to take my pills when I am dealing with jet lag, unpacking, etc.


Will help long term

6/27/2019 by Martina

I will be using these for the dogs medication for the pet sitters convenience when we are out of town.



6/26/2019 by Leslie

Very handy for traveling. We use it in our camper and for our trips by plane or car.

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The PillSuite Story

Bundle your meds into easy-to-take packs.

Sort & Seal

Keeping your meds and vitamins straight is much easier with this travel pill organizer.

PillSuite sorts and seals your pills into single-dose packs that are easy to store, transport, and take.

Arrange your daily, weekly, or monthly doses with the funnel dispenser then they slide into a food safe, biodegradable plastic baggie that you can label with the date and time to take. The included sealer puts an airtight seal on each bag, too.

When Phil and Diane Kimmel were packing their vitamins and prescriptions for a trip, every solution they came up with was either too confusing or cumbersome—pills
got mixed up or the bottles took up too much space.

PillSuite is perfect for travel but it’s great for everyday use, too. It makes your meds manageable enough to take anywhere.
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