400 Packets Refill for Pill Pack System Case of 100

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excellent product

6/26/2019 by Thomas

Work as advertised. Have ruined a couple when separating them from the roll. The tear open side tore open.


Great way to carry pills on a trip

6/24/2019 by Dona

I’ve used these for over several years. Easy to fill bags, easy to open, biodegradable, inexpensive, simple to use.



6/24/2019 by Casey

The pill bag refills work like they are supposed to with the PillSuite. Great product!


Warning on doing this

4/13/2019 by Ernie

This is a good ideal but if you get stopped by the police or get searched for some reason and they find your medications like this instead of them being in the original bottles, you could be charged with a misdemeanor charge. I have been there as I done this with small medication bottles. Here, when you go to the court house for any reason, you get searched and I happen to have a bottle in my pocket.


Great for those on the go

3/17/2019 by Julie

I travel extensively, and these are so easy to take with me.


Love this product

3/12/2019 by Delinda

Makes it easy for my husband and I to take our many supplements.


Great way to pack vitamins etc

2/9/2019 by Marion

I’ve used the first 2 packs that came with the kit
And now have my refills. Use it mainly for travel.


Better than pill boxes

1/31/2019 by Nikki

Its almost cathartic to fill each baggie and seal it. I'm sedated at night, so it's incredibly helpful to not to have to fumble with ALL my pill bottles in the morning, hoping I got all of my pills and their dosages correct. It is way easier to pluck a baggie out of the premeasured bags I prepared, tear the easy tear strip and dump them straight into my mouth. Love this product. I wish they weren't out of the refill bags! I need more!



12/24/2018 by Steven

This is best for people who take medication multiple times a day. I take medication twice a day and just make packets for weeks ahead. Also helps when you can see how much you have left and need refills. Lastly, if you travel nothing better


Really helpful

11/12/2018 by Terri

Easy to use. I use it to organize my mom’s meds every week.

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The PillSuite Story

Bundle your meds into easy-to-take packs.

Sort & Seal

Keeping your meds and vitamins straight is much easier with this travel pill organizer.

PillSuite sorts and seals your pills into single-dose packs that are easy to store, transport, and take.

Arrange your daily, weekly, or monthly doses with the funnel dispenser then they slide into a food safe, biodegradable plastic baggie that you can label with the date and time to take. The included sealer puts an airtight seal on each bag, too.

When Phil and Diane Kimmel were packing their vitamins and prescriptions for a trip, every solution they came up with was either too confusing or cumbersome—pills
got mixed up or the bottles took up too much space.

PillSuite is perfect for travel but it’s great for everyday use, too. It makes your meds manageable enough to take anywhere.
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