400 Packets Refill for Pill Pack System Case of 100

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9/30/2018 by Mary

So easy to use. Easier to transport medicine in sealed bag than a traditional pill box. One caution, tear bags apart carefully, they have a tendency to tear along the side.


Convenient way to bring your pills with you.

4/1/2018 by Marianne

I leave every year for a month to visit my daughter. It has always been difficult to carry all the medicines and supplements I need everyday. Using the Pill Suite has been great, I pack all I need in one day and seal it up. My pills stay together and stay fresh.


Nice Organizer

1/7/2018 by Terry

Great for packing vitamins for a weekend getaway or a vacation.


Consistance is important

12/28/2017 by John

Since I purchased this item for my wife she has forgotten her medication only one time in over a year. This is a convenient way to carry medication and serve as a daily reminder.


Great Product

9/22/2017 by Robin

Bag order came quickly, no problems with product.


Nice to have extra bags

6/29/2017 by Yvonne

Just the refill bags, they work!


omg this made life simple

6/27/2017 by terrell

this system is simply awesome
I am a soldier and I take a literal hand full of meds at morning noon and night, and carrying around a pill case had its own issues with this system I now have a bag with my doeses separated once a month I set down make up 30 days of meds and im done the bags are easily fillable with the pill sorter even with very large pills the sealer runs off 4 AA batteries and lasts for quite a while, I have actually filled the pill sorter to the max and both the bags and the sorter worked awesome, on another note this is not water proof water resistant yes however I learned that the vitamin packs I take can be resealed with the pill suite system putting my meds and vitamins in a water tight pouch so if this is good enough for a soldier it will work for meds just needing to be separated
thank you pill suite


Handy little machine

5/22/2017 by Nickii

Works just like it says. Love it.


Great idea!

5/15/2017 by Donna

Very time consuming to pack up the pills but nice as it takes up no room in the suitcase.


Pill Pack System

5/9/2017 by Robert

Currently on a trip and used the pill pack system which takes a lot less room in the suitcase. Easy to use and don't have to worry about containers coming open and pills scattered all over the suitcase. Great product

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The PillSuite Story

Bundle your meds into easy-to-take packs.

Sort & Seal

Keeping your meds and vitamins straight is much easier with this travel pill organizer.

PillSuite sorts and seals your pills into single-dose packs that are easy to store, transport, and take.

Arrange your daily, weekly, or monthly doses with the funnel dispenser then they slide into a food safe, biodegradable plastic baggie that you can label with the date and time to take. The included sealer puts an airtight seal on each bag, too.

When Phil and Diane Kimmel were packing their vitamins and prescriptions for a trip, every solution they came up with was either too confusing or cumbersome—pills
got mixed up or the bottles took up too much space.

PillSuite is perfect for travel but it’s great for everyday use, too. It makes your meds manageable enough to take anywhere.
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