400 Packets Refill for Pill Pack System Case of 100

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If I were retired...

6/11/2019 by Liz R

The bags are way too flimsy. They rip where they are not supposed to. When I did get some bags filled, they slipped out of the bag right onto the floor. If I were retired, maybe then I would have the time to fill your bags and use another gadget to separate the pills, then use another gadget to close the bags. I use the zip top plastic bags from the pharmacy. They are sturdier. They close with a zip and are reusable. I do my pills once every 36 days for 72 bags for 2 bags per day. Nice try though.


Don't waste your money

5/4/2020 by Karen

The bags that come with the pill suite are great. The refill bags fall apart before you can fill them. If you use them for travel, or any movement, the bags totally comes apart. I really liked this product when I first bought it, but not being able to get reliable refill bags has left me with using another product.


Not worth it!

10/31/2019 by Bernard

Bad product. Bags are difficult to get pills into. Don't waste your money!


Time consuming

2/13/2019 by Marjie

Bags are too small.
Need much longer bags for many more larger pills.


Not worth the headache

5/17/2017 by Jeffrey

As others have said, the bags are impossible to open rendering the device overly frustrating to use.



2/19/2017 by Jeanne

The packets do not open, so they cannot be filled. They come off the roll, but it's impossible to open the end to fill The machine works just fine, but the packets do not.

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The PillSuite Story

Bundle your meds into easy-to-take packs.

Sort & Seal

Keeping your meds and vitamins straight is much easier with this travel pill organizer.

PillSuite sorts and seals your pills into single-dose packs that are easy to store, transport, and take.

Arrange your daily, weekly, or monthly doses with the funnel dispenser then they slide into a food safe, biodegradable plastic baggie that you can label with the date and time to take. The included sealer puts an airtight seal on each bag, too.

When Phil and Diane Kimmel were packing their vitamins and prescriptions for a trip, every solution they came up with was either too confusing or cumbersome—pills
got mixed up or the bottles took up too much space.

PillSuite is perfect for travel but it’s great for everyday use, too. It makes your meds manageable enough to take anywhere.
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