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Pinch Me

3 oz. Starter Kit Case of 48

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Grand Slam

1/9/2017 by Judy

My granddaughter LOVED this. Brought it to school and ALL of her friends wanted to use it, smell and purchase it.


AWSOME Hand Therapy

12/22/2016 by sally

I recently broke my right hand, can't afford to have visits at a DR. Office so I bought Pinch Me Therapy Dough. Well that worked wonders got full use and strength back in my hand not to mention it smells GREAT and that smell stays with you. Very calming and Therapy at the same time. Thanks


Exceeded Expectations

12/20/2016 by Sherra

I purchased the lavender scented dough for myself recently and got one for my sister to keep at her desk at work. I plan to buy another fragrance soon. Great idea!



12/6/2016 by Sabra

Haven't opened them as they are a Christmas gift.


Smells/Feels great

11/21/2016 by Susie

This is adult playdough! It smells so good that sometimes I just open it up and smell it without taking it out of its container. When you knead it or just play with it it makes your palms feel like silk.


A great way to handle a stressful movie

11/14/2016 by CATHERINE

This stuff got me through a great movie I would have avoided. Only down side was when I got up at the end, I had more dough debris than popcorn on my lap. Worth it!


Love it

11/3/2016 by Theresa

Scents are divine, texture is smooth, never sticky, your senses are soothed, your attention focused on something outside the usual clutter in your head. I use this with my therapy clients (kids and adults) as well as myself. So much better quality than many other similar products.



10/27/2016 by Al Reno

I now have a new daily routine, I keep Pinch Me Therapy Dough at me desk, night stand, and coffee table. I found it keep my stress levels down and creativity up. I recommend everyone should try it. I will change your life.


Pinch Me Therapy Dough

10/25/2016 by JJ Roth

One of the bets products I have ever purchased. Being in the ent industry I am forced to always "Be On" and sometimes it can almost become overwhelming. The Pinch Me Therapy Dough helps me relax and just be a calmer less stressed person. The "Oceans" scent is my favorite and I never thought something so simple could have such an impact on my daily life. I consistently recommend Pinch Me Therapy dough to all of my friends and co-workers and will continue to do so !



Pinch Me is Wonderful

10/25/2016 by Michelle

I actually bought this dough for my daughter who is in the autism spectrum. She needed something to take to school to help with her anxiety. I gave her a ball of it to take in a baggie so she wouldn't have the entire jar. It worked wonders the texture and the scent (which she loved) helped her a lot.

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The Pinch Me Story

Need to relax? Pinch this.

Relaxing Tool

This scent-infused therapy dough can help you relax—triggering several of your senses.

Disguised as a simple invitation to play, Pinch Me’s sensorial design exposes you to colors, textures, and smells that help you re-center.

Maker Nancy Rothner’s experience with holistic stress reduction compelled her to create a portable mood-shifter. Carefully curated aromas and calming hues help you refocus your attention by simply massaging this pliable dough.

Squeeze, shape, then store it back in the tin for later. You’ll notice the scent lingers and refreshes even after you’re done playing.