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Great mix of aromatherapy & stress ball

10/24/2016 by Josh N.

Squeezing it as a stress ball causes the scents to become more prominent, giving you a double dose of relaxation and aromatherapy calming the mind. When finished, it's easy to store in the jar until next needed.


Amazing product!

10/24/2016 by Amanda

This is an amazing product...I only wish I found it sooner! I purchased the Spa scent and will buy more for Christmas gifts


Fun Gift for College Students

10/22/2016 by Katherine

I sent some ocean-scented therapy dough to my two daughters who are away at college. They were surprised and pleased and are enjoying the scent and the texture of the dough as they pinch and pull. A nice stress reliever for midterms.


Such a genius idea!

10/21/2016 by Marcella

I love this product, & my therapist thinks that it is a great, therapeutic "tool", for many of her clients! Love it, & I may order other scents. Lavender & Chammomile would be great, relaxing fragrances - just a thought that you may want to consider in the future. Wonderful product!



10/19/2016 by Karen



Smells amazing!

10/18/2016 by Margaret

This will be a Christmas gift so I am not playing with it. However, it smells amazing!



10/18/2016 by Dayna

Love the smell of the citrus one! Very relaxing, I wish they weren't so pricey, I'd have every flavor!



10/18/2016 by linda

my ten year old granddaughter loves this so she took mine and i just purchased another for myself. fun and relaxing.


An amazing product

10/17/2016 by Bob cip

I don't know anyone in today's world who doesn't have stress .
That being said , this product is a lifesaver . It is a relaxer, therapist and meditator in a jar. And the price, well it's priceless !
Thanks for bring this to the public! I


Relaxing, but very strong aroma

7/29/2018 by Sue

I do like the pinch me product, and I believe I lucked out on the scent being one I actually like. However, even though I realize this is aromatherapy based, the scent is a bit too strong for me. Usually I have to go for very mild sense, or unscented products.

There is a tendency for the product to get under your fingernails so if you have long or medium fingernails, you may find that you end up with a lot of it under your fingernails. However it is very pleasant to work with, as long as you are not super sensitive to Aromas.

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The Pinch Me Story

Need to relax? Pinch this.

Relaxing Tool

This scent-infused therapy dough can help you relax—triggering several of your senses.

Disguised as a simple invitation to play, Pinch Me’s sensorial design exposes you to colors, textures, and smells that help you re-center.

Maker Nancy Rothner’s experience with holistic stress reduction compelled her to create a portable mood-shifter. Carefully curated aromas and calming hues help you refocus your attention by simply massaging this pliable dough.

Squeeze, shape, then store it back in the tin for later. You’ll notice the scent lingers and refreshes even after you’re done playing.