Pinch Me

Therapy Dough - 3 oz. Case of 4

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tital relaxation

2/20/2017 by Kristen

My daughter loves uaing this at home and achool to help her relax. Now all her friends want some too!


Therapy Dough is Just Like It Says!

2/6/2017 by Loretta

Pinch Me in Spa is wonderful I have always loved playing with putty in my hands but it is to stiff for my old hands. I saw this and thought wow Lavender smell along with a dough you can keep your hands busy with. Lavender is so relaxing and rolling the dough around is also relaxing so I need something just like that for my own therapy. I have a very painful condition that never goes away so this is something that keeps my mind off the pain and help relax as much as possible. I have told many friends who also have this health condition so I hope you had more sales from it.


Love it!!

1/29/2017 by Jacqui

I absolutely love this dough! It has an amazing scent and feels wonderful. I use it several times a day at work during virtual meetings to stay focused as well as to relief stress when things get crazy. Wonderful texture.


Great gift for anyone!

1/15/2017 by Gail

I have learned through experience that anything you do to reduce stress is wonderful for your health. I already have this in the lavender scent & find it very relaxing. My daughter in law loves the beach so I bought her that scent for Christmas and she absolutely loves it. She is raising 2 teenagers and has a high stress job, so stress management isquite welcome.


Love it

1/14/2017 by Kelly

This product is amazing! Bought it for my husband to help relieve some stress after work and the essential oils in the dough can fill the whole room with the amazing smell! Everyone at Christmas couldn't put it down! We have the tropics scent and will be buying more!!


Grand Slam

1/9/2017 by Judy

My granddaughter LOVED this. Brought it to school and ALL of her friends wanted to use it, smell and purchase it.


AWSOME Hand Therapy

12/22/2016 by sally

I recently broke my right hand, can't afford to have visits at a DR. Office so I bought Pinch Me Therapy Dough. Well that worked wonders got full use and strength back in my hand not to mention it smells GREAT and that smell stays with you. Very calming and Therapy at the same time. Thanks


Exceeded Expectations

12/20/2016 by Sherra

I purchased the lavender scented dough for myself recently and got one for my sister to keep at her desk at work. I plan to buy another fragrance soon. Great idea!



12/6/2016 by Sabra

Haven't opened them as they are a Christmas gift.


Smells/Feels great

11/21/2016 by Susie

This is adult playdough! It smells so good that sometimes I just open it up and smell it without taking it out of its container. When you knead it or just play with it it makes your palms feel like silk.

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The Pinch Me Story

Need to relax? Pinch this.

Relaxing Tool

Pinch Me Maker Nancy Rothner’s experience with holistic stress reduction compelled her to create these scent-infused, portable mood-shifters. Carefully curated aromas and calming hues help you refocus your attention by simply massaging this pliable dough or spritzing this relaxing mist. The colors, textures, and smells help you re-center and you’ll notice the scent lingers and refreshes even after you’re done using them.