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Pinch Me

Therapy Dough - 10 oz.

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Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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An amazing product

10/17/2016 by Bob cip

I don't know anyone in today's world who doesn't have stress .
That being said , this product is a lifesaver . It is a relaxer, therapist and meditator in a jar. And the price, well it's priceless !
Thanks for bring this to the public! I


Relaxing, but very strong aroma

7/29/2018 by Sue

I do like the pinch me product, and I believe I lucked out on the scent being one I actually like. However, even though I realize this is aromatherapy based, the scent is a bit too strong for me. Usually I have to go for very mild sense, or unscented products.

There is a tendency for the product to get under your fingernails so if you have long or medium fingernails, you may find that you end up with a lot of it under your fingernails. However it is very pleasant to work with, as long as you are not super sensitive to Aromas.


Versatile, Fun, Relaxing

6/24/2018 by Brooke

I've given these as gifts to several people. My sister has a high stress retail job and is in the midst of planning her wedding. She keeps this at her desk.

My best friend is a social worker and uses it during sessions to work with families.

It's very aroma-therapeutic, and I've yet to encounter a scent I didn't like.

My one major dislike is that it's not gluten free. BE WARY of letting anyone with a gluten allergy handle this product. If you are intolerant or Celiac, handle cautiously. Either wear gloves or wash your hands thoroughly and immediately after use.


very happy with my therapy dough!

7/11/2017 by Joan

I am really enjoying my therapy dough and think it would make a great gift. wish I could test the smells in advance although I realize that's not possible. I purchased the "ocean" scent mostly because I liked the color. I doesn't really smell like the ocean to me and I might try the "beach" scent next time. the scent lingers but I don't think it's too strong. really like the product.



7/1/2017 by Elaine

Love the scent and the texture, but it does tend to dry out and crumble. I've purchased another one though; it is that satisfying.


Love the scent but...

2/1/2017 by Jill

Bought this for my daughter who has ADHD and needs stuff to fiddle with while doing homework. The Spa scent is nice (although very strong, I suspect it will dissipate over time). The dough tends to leave behind - dough on your hands. It is not a clean play. It gets stuck in the lines on my hands...bummer


I love this product its changed my life.

10/25/2016 by Tom Sholtis

I now have a new daily routine, I keep Pinch Me Therapy Dough at me desk, night stand, and coffee table. I found it keep my stress levels down and creativity up. I recommend everyone should try it. I will change your life.


A Gift

10/18/2016 by Nancy

My Friend needed a way to fight off gut wrenching anger.
She loves this product


Pleasantly Surprised

10/17/2016 by Sherra

As a massage therapist, I am aware of the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy so I was naturally intrigued. The consistency of the dough and the subtle fragrance is perfect... trually "relaxation in a pinch" and I will be gifting this to clients, friends and family! Well done!


Yes to "SPICE", no to "SPA"

5/17/2019 by Alba

The Spa smell was horrendous. It smelled like strong cheap fake bathroom spray. It gave me a headache. I tried to give to others and they had the same negative reaction.

The Spice was pleasant and it is not offensive at all. I actually enjoy a TON. So I am worried about getting another scent as I am not sure what to expect.

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The Pinch Me Story

Need to relax? Pinch this.

Relaxing Tool

This scent-infused therapy dough can help you relax—triggering several of your senses.

Disguised as a simple invitation to play, Pinch Me’s sensorial design exposes you to colors, textures, and smells that help you re-center.

Maker Nancy Rothner’s experience with holistic stress reduction compelled her to create a portable mood-shifter. Carefully curated aromas and calming hues help you refocus your attention by simply massaging this pliable dough.

Squeeze, shape, then store it back in the tin for later. You’ll notice the scent lingers and refreshes even after you’re done playing.