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FreezeTag Pet Tag Silencer Sample

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Great idea!

7/13/2016 by Maureen

Very happy that I bought this for our cat. Now she doesn't wake us up at night when she jumps on the bed.


Works like a champ

7/13/2016 by Richard A.

No more jingle jangle from Bernie the wonder dog. We're happy and he seems happy


Silence those tags

7/12/2016 by Adam

My wife is a light sleeper and our dog tends to wake her up in the middle of the night when his dog tags jingle. This product is a perfect solution for this! Very functional and now we have silent tags. Five star product


Noisy problem finally solved!

7/12/2016 by Karmen

After trying various ways of quieting my dog's dog tags (rubber bands, rubber key identifiers etc) I was delighted to see the FreezeTag Pet Tag Silencer on The Grommet site. It is the perfect solution to squelching the noise the tags made and also protecting the writing on them.
The ease of attaching the tags to the Pet Tag Silencer was just the icing on the cake. No more broken fingernails!
Love this product and can't wait to tell my fellow pet lovers about it.


Love this product

7/12/2016 by Ellen

This is by-far the greatest item to reduce the "gingle gangle" noise from pets hanging tags. I have purchased now 3 of these and no more noise. I believe this has also curbed the endless scratching around the neck by keeping the tags together. Love it.


Love this product!

7/12/2016 by Mechelle

I have two border collies and the tag noise would wake me up during the night. No more noise! Silence is golden. I have tried several different tag silencing options in the past and this one is by far the best. You will not be disappointed.

Cheers to Playday Labs for getting this right.



Silence is golden!

7/12/2016 by Justin

We would take our dogs' collars off at night. No need now! Thanks!


It wirks

7/12/2016 by Joann

Gone us that annoying noise.


It is good

7/11/2016 by Doorgunner

I have two dogs, had been using duct tape on the tags, this thing works perfect!!! 10 out of 10.... and it has been dog scratch tested for a few months...
I don't work or know anyone at the company....It is a winner!!!


I would recommend

7/11/2016 by Debra

My dog has numerous tags. Name, rabies and her national lost and found info. At night time when she gets up and shakes it's like ringing a set of keys and wakes us up. This is a perfect solution to that. It's really works. I don't hear that at all. I love the fact that it's so easy to change tags when chaging tags. I had trouble every time before I bought this product.Taking off the freeze tag was very easy. I do have to say that getting the "plug" back on was difficult and I had to get my son to "mash" it back. I wasn't discouraged though. I think I'd would get more as I need them and highly recommend.

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The Playday Labs Story

Hey, Fluffy, lose that jingle.

Do Not Disturb

No matter how much we love our pets, the jingle of their tags can drive us crazy. FreezeTag is a pet tag silencer that’s practically indestructible, easy to use, and helps keep you sane.

Founder Jennie Posthumus was inspired to create FreezeTag by a tagless Great Dane wandering alongside the road. With no identifying info to go on, reuniting him with his family was much harder than it should have been. The ordeal led her to a realization—many people remove their pets’ tags because they’re noisy.

With help from industrial engineer Dan Blum, they created a clasp that holds up to four tags in
place without jingling. The Made in the USA design is waterproof, resists smells, and won’t catch on things like standard tag holders do.

Putting your pet’s tags in the FreezeTag holder is easy. Pull the rubber stopper off, then unscrew the nut. Add the tags and replace the nut snugly—tight enough to prevent jingle, but loose enough to fan the tags out. Hook it through your pet’s collar ring and replace the stopper.

Your pet is properly ID’d, which gives you peace of mind. And the tags are silenced, which gives you peace and quiet.
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