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FreezeTag Pet Tag Silencer Sample

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Silent night...

7/11/2016 by danny

Simple and elegant. Works exactly as advertised!


Great product

7/9/2016 by Elizabeth

The tag silencer works exactly like they said. The tags stay quiet but you still can read them.



7/8/2016 by Carol

I have been tying my dog's tags with fabric strips for the last six years! It was unsightly, and got dirty quickly. Your tag silencer is wonderful Easy to put on and haven't heard tags jangling!! I wish it was a bit bigger since I had a third rescue tag (very thick) but it silenced the rabies and name/address tags (both were very thin).

Thank you for a great invention!


Definitely an improvement from the 's' hooks

6/28/2016 by Suzanne

I love that the tags are no longer clicking together. The device seems
sturdy and I hope will last a long time.
It works best with the thin tags. I did change my dogs name tag to a thin one and it fits better.


Just as promised

6/27/2016 by Carol

This was easy to use and works just as promised. The silence is nice.


Exactly what I hoped for

6/23/2016 by Amy

Easy to install. There is absolutely no jingle from the tags now. I want to buy this for all my dog friends!


Enjoy early mornings walks

10/2/2019 by Stephanie

I love this product! It keeps all the tags quiet while I walk the dog early in the morning. It is terribly disruptive to have all the other dogs barking at the clinking of tags at 6:00 am. Now "we" can walk in peace and enjoy the quiet mornings


Works great, until you lose the tool

6/10/2019 by Jeanmarie

This works great! It's still on my dog's collar, long after the tags have expired, however, since I lost the little tool that tightens and presumably loosens the tag silencer. (Of course I knew that would be an issue so I set it aside... but I was in the midst of a move, and life happens, and it went missing.) So I had to add the new tags separately, so it still makes noise. (An ID tag is attached to the outdated vaccine/rabies tags, so I don't want to simply throw them away, or throw away the Silencer itself.) So, where can I get a replacement tool? Thanks much!


Need something a little larger.

10/2/2018 by Traci

I like this product, but it was a little too small.


Works perfectly on one dog, pretty well on the other

7/26/2018 by Molly

This has been amazing with one of our dogs. We had purchased the little tag bags before which were not as quiet as this one on her. My other dog, for some unknown reason, this one is louder than the tag bag was. The only real difference between the dogs is that the dog this works so well on has a really wide collar. Not sure if that is the reason for the difference. Regardless, if you have nothing and still have tags on split rings...get this. It's a terrific improvement!

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The Playday Labs Story

Hey, Fluffy, lose that jingle.

Do Not Disturb

No matter how much we love our pets, the jingle of their tags can drive us crazy. FreezeTag is a pet tag silencer that’s practically indestructible, easy to use, and helps keep you sane.

Founder Jennie Posthumus was inspired to create FreezeTag by a tagless Great Dane wandering alongside the road. With no identifying info to go on, reuniting him with his family was much harder than it should have been. The ordeal led her to a realization—many people remove their pets’ tags because they’re noisy.

With help from industrial engineer Dan Blum, they created a clasp that holds up to four tags in
place without jingling. The Made in the USA design is waterproof, resists smells, and won’t catch on things like standard tag holders do.

Putting your pet’s tags in the FreezeTag holder is easy. Pull the rubber stopper off, then unscrew the nut. Add the tags and replace the nut snugly—tight enough to prevent jingle, but loose enough to fan the tags out. Hook it through your pet’s collar ring and replace the stopper.

Your pet is properly ID’d, which gives you peace of mind. And the tags are silenced, which gives you peace and quiet.
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