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FreezeTag Pet Tag Silencer Sample

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FreezeTag Pet tag silencer

1/13/2017 by Paula

Bought three of these. My sons each have a dog and so do i.
Just love this and one of my sons dogs really likes it as he wears
his collar all the time and it's very noisy. Much better with this Silencer on you have to check to make sure it is on. :) Best invention ever. Would definitely recommend this for your dog or cat.


Peace at last!

1/11/2017 by Nancy

My dog drove us crazy with the noisy jingling dog tags! I am a very light sleeper, and she could not sleep in our room because the noisy tags always woke me up. This is the BEST tag keeper. It was a bit tricky to ease the round 'keeper' off of the adjustment screw, but well worth the time and effort. The tags are easy to access, but protected and QUIET. I love this product!


As advertised

12/20/2016 by Tyler

So far so good, they work as advertised!


No Noise!

12/3/2016 by Jim

Much relief from "tag clank" - from head shaking to neck scratching to drinking out of buckets - silence is golden!


Works great!

11/24/2016 by Martha

I love my freezetag. It is easy to install and does just what it said it would do. I no longer have to listen to my dogs tags jingling as she walks around.


I'm so impressed!

11/13/2016 by Sasha

Where has this been all my life?! This absolutely stops the noise from tags. Not only does it quiet the jingling, but it's much easier to put tags on and off the collar - with the usual rings I invariably tear up my nails, and with the FreezeTag I don't have this problem. I can't recommend this highly enough!


Awesome product

11/3/2016 by Lisa

Best money spent! Totally works! Fast shipping! Will be recommending to my friends.


Perfect Peace

10/31/2016 by Debbie

Our dog has allergies and scratches at night, waking us up. Not anymore! The FreezeTag is a cinch to use, from adding tags to putting on the ring of his collar (or switching to his harness)! What a great idea!



10/26/2016 by Darlene

We received our Freezetag last week, and it's just what we needed. Previously, we'd tried bags, which were too big and got dirty quickly, and rubber silencers which were hard to find in the right shapes and never seemed to fit. This is small, simple, and very effective - we love it. Thank you!


Keeps the tags silent and neat.

10/25/2016 by Elizabeth

I have 3 tags in it and they are neat and silent. Only issue I have is my own fault, I ordered red when I should have ordered pink!

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The Playday Labs Story

Hey, Fluffy, lose that jingle.

Do Not Disturb

No matter how much we love our pets, the jingle of their tags can drive us crazy. FreezeTag is a pet tag silencer that’s practically indestructible, easy to use, and helps keep you sane.

Founder Jennie Posthumus was inspired to create FreezeTag by a tagless Great Dane wandering alongside the road. With no identifying info to go on, reuniting him with his family was much harder than it should have been. The ordeal led her to a realization—many people remove their pets’ tags because they’re noisy.

With help from industrial engineer Dan Blum, they created a clasp that holds up to four tags in
place without jingling. The Made in the USA design is waterproof, resists smells, and won’t catch on things like standard tag holders do.

Putting your pet’s tags in the FreezeTag holder is easy. Pull the rubber stopper off, then unscrew the nut. Add the tags and replace the nut snugly—tight enough to prevent jingle, but loose enough to fan the tags out. Hook it through your pet’s collar ring and replace the stopper.

Your pet is properly ID’d, which gives you peace of mind. And the tags are silenced, which gives you peace and quiet.
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