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Fabulous Decorator Look

11/25/2018 by Carol

Soooo attractive. Only dimming but form over function.


Love it!

12/29/2017 by Karole

Love it! I purchase my bulb approx. 5 years ago direct from Plumen. It's still going strong! Visitors comment on the unique design. In fact it has outlast my LED bulbs.


Love it

1/7/2016 by Allison

This is second time I have purchased this bulb. The first one lasted about a year with regular daily use. It works great, puts out plenty of light. Looks like a little piece of art.


Cool Design

6/19/2015 by Jeff

Pretty nifty!


Love it.

6/8/2015 by Jolene



Good purchase

11/27/2014 by Jolene

Great light. It is hanging in the kitchen. I like that is unusual and puts out a cool light. Want more ~ Jasmemphis



10/19/2014 by [email protected]

Love these and so economical.


Very cool

8/20/2014 by Jill

I bought it for my daughter, a college student in a leased house. Her bedroom has a bare bulb for a light fixture so I thought this would perk up the room.
Her review:
"I like it. It gives off the same amount of light as a regular but has a cool funky look to it."

Now I wish I had a place to put one...


Great design.

4/22/2014 by Angelina

I still love the design, but wasn't expecting it to be so fluorescent. Was hoping for a warmer glow.



3/28/2014 by [email protected]

great light and good decor item, very bright and extremely interesting in the entrance way, have already recommended it to two friends

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The Plumen Story

Plumen - Designer Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Low Energy, High Appeal

It’s easy to buy into the energy-saving features of compact fluorescent light bulbs. They use a fraction of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs consume, they take a nice bite out of the electricity bill, and they’re better for the environment. But the look? Not so appealing. Until now...

The Plumen 001 energy-saving light bulb takes its form as seriously as its function. The lighting tubes have an organic, sculptural quality. They give the bulb a distinctive silhouette that changes as you view it from different angles. Conceived by the product design firm Hulger, with an assist from
British designer Samuel Wilkinson, the Plumen 001 gets its name from the word “plume", which describes a bird’s show feather. Except for its energy-efficient qualities, it’s nothing like the typical boring compact fluorescent bulb that you want to hide immediately under a lampshade. This bird is show-worthy. Read More Read Less