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Adjustable Cosmetic Organizer With Carrying Case Case of 10

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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4/22/2019 by Melinda

This is one of the best online purchases I have ever made! I recently bought one for a daughter and now the other daughter is in love with it and wants one too! I leave mine under my car seat...where it fits perfectly, and if I need a touch-up after a dentist visit, everything is there! You won't be disappointed!


I this company!

2/18/2019 by Jade

I have ordered more than I realized. Your merchandise operates as advertised. The last order that I placed came directly from the developer and there was a personal note in the package when I recieved it. That personal written note was sincerely appreciated. You wouldn’t think that something that small would make a difference in which companies you purchase from but it does. I’ve been more that pleased with the company and the developers. I feel close to the developers and feel that I’m contributing to their growth.



2/13/2019 by Joan

No more scrabbling. All vital facial components are ready for deployment.


Not just for cosmetics

6/13/2018 by Kathleen

I am an avid needleworker and I am always looking for ways to keep my threads from becoming a giant, tangled mess. I've bought a lot of organizational supplies over the years, but I have finally found the perfect one! The Poke-A-Dot has been in and out of my stitching bag for about a month. The ability to adjust each section to accommodate my threads,beads,etc. has really been great....and it keeps everything neat, clean, and at my fingertips!


Useful and adjustable

5/16/2018 by Joan

Love this organizer. Easy to set the adjustments, perfect size for my top bathroom drawer. Keeps makeup items separated and easily accessible. Also easy to clean.


BEST Cosmetic organizer out there

3/7/2018 by Meleah

I LOVE my Poke-a-dot. It keeps all my cosmetics neatly organized in my drawer and when it is time to travel I just take it out, snap on the lid and go. It is so well made, I don't worry about anything breaking and everything stays right where I put it so nothing spills. I throw it in my gym bag, suitcase, or sometimes just carry it under my arm. When I'm home, it goes right back in my drawer - no unpacking a bunch of little items since they are still right where I put them!


This organizer is the best ever!

2/22/2018 by Kendra

Poke-a-Dot: Adjustable Cosmetic Organizer is everything it is advertised to be! I love the ability to customize the unit to my products. I had no idea how much time I would save, not laying out my makeup and not packing it away. LOVE this organizer!



6/21/2017 by Joy Shantay

I LOVE my Poke-a-Dot organizer. The dividers allowed me to customize it around my specific products to my own schematics. I travel often with work and I am constantly packing and unpacking. Not any more! I have all my cosmetics perfectly organized in this organizer in my bathroom drawer at home and then when I am ready to travel I simply snap the lid on and off I go. I have tested it with A LOT of travel and I have had NO damaged cosmetics and no spills. My favorite part is not having any of my cosmetics touch the bathroom counter at hotels. I can use it from my Poke-A-Dot organizer and put it directly back in after use. I feel it is much more sanitary. I purchased the bag too and I am glad I did. Very stylish and contributes to holding it all in place. Although, I don't always travel with it and I have not had any damage regardless. Just looks so pretty with the case though. I hope to see Poke-a-dot technology in other sized boxes too (maybe desk sized/hint hint). You will be very happy with this purchase!



6/5/2017 by Mary

This organizer is the best! I bought it to keep makeup organized while traveling, but after using it one time I now use it to keep my makeup organized at home too. It saves me time in the morning because everything has a custom made spot. I've now ordered multiples to give as presents and my husband wants one now too to organize his guitar picks. I could seriously use about ten of these to keep my life simpler and more organized!


Organization for the Dis-organized

5/30/2017 by BB

I intended to use this for cosmetics but configured it to store all the small things in my bathroom that are always under something else --tweezers, nail scissors, hair clips, safety pins, etc. It works brilliantly. The fact that you can create the shapes and spaces that you specifically need is a great design feature. Now I need one for my desk!

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The Poke-a-Dot Story

A to-go makeup drawer.

Tidy Toiletries

Jane Lee, Founder of Poke-a-Dot, created this travel makeup organizer after getting fed up with digging around in her makeup bag.

A frequent traveler, she’d had it with taking her makeup on the go and fishing through a jumble of cosmetics—and messes like leaky bottles and broken powders. Jane also wasn’t keen on using potentially unclean surfaces, like hotel bathroom counters, to lay out her makeup.

So she created a system that acts as a portable makeup drawer, minus the drawer. Poke-A-Dot organizes and secures makeup, and doubles as a (washable) surface, too. Its flatter design makes it easy
to see and reach everything—goodbye, digging—and modular dividers let you configure a set up to suit your needs. Use it as a tidying solution at home, or lock the lid on to take makeup with you, without any worry. Read More Read Less