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SnowPeeler Roof Rake

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The PolarMade Story

PolarMade | SnowPeeler Roof Rake

Let It Snow

PolarMade was created in a secluded northern Quebec chalet under heavy snowfall. Two brothers-in-law, both named Benoit, opened their cozy abode each winter by first removing the waist deep snow from the paths and roof. While performing this difficult task, they realized it would be much safer—and easier—to clear the roof from the ground, pulling the snow down, rather than pushing it from the top.

The SnowPeeler roof rake cuts into snow—soft- or hard-packed—on a roof, then directs it to fall down the tool’s vinyl slide. The tough aluminum design can tackle drifts up three feet deep, too. Now
there’s no need to get up on a ladder or wield a shovel to safely remove snow. Read More Read Less