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Cod Skins Case of 6

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11/16/2016 by Howie

Dog loves them but no lasting power


Large, not smelly, but a little messy

1/28/2016 by Micah

This was a nice change of pace from my two dogs' usual treats, and they really enjoyed them. The cod skins are large and hardly smelled of fish which was great. They are crunchy and crumbly so be prepared for a little clean-up. In the end its all about the dogs and they really enjoyed these cod skin treats!


very good

8/25/2015 by Susan

Dog loved them....what was left from the remains of the raccoons dinner1 mailman left package on step and raccoons found during the night:) They not only opened package but took lid off skins!


These are great treats for my dog with allergies.

3/20/2015 by Judy

My dog is allergic to beef, chicken and pork, so fish is her best alternative. Finding chews is a bit if a challenge. I've tried a different fish-chew brand that is good, but I was hoping these chews would take her a bit longer to finish since they're in a twist. They don't last any longer, but she certainly enjoys them!


Very good treat.

3/18/2015 by Keema

My kids loved these treats.. the price will unfortunately keep this option out of their regular meal plan. Maybe an every other month treat for boys. I think they are worth the price as the quality is outstanding, just doesn't our budget.


Looked good

4/12/2019 by Linda

My dog likes fish but this treat gave him the runs.p


Spoiled Pugs

1/11/2017 by Joan

Love these treats but my pugs aren't so crazy about them, but one little girl gets them all. She's not so fussy.


Mixed Review

9/14/2015 by Charlotte

My dog does not like them at all......my neighbor has 4 dogs and they all love them. They wait for me every morning for their treat!!


Would not purchase again

3/19/2015 by Duane

Gave a piece to one dog, she spit it out.
Maybe good for some people, but would not purchase again


Not a good fit for our pup... :(

9/16/2015 by Sarah

My dog went C R A Z Y for these at first, but any time we gave him these as a treat (he was not getting a whole one, but more like half a "stick" and definitely not every day, more like once or twice a week at MOST) he would be vomiting later in the day. We took him to the vet and she suspected the culprit was, unfortunately, these treats. Very disappointed since they would seem to be a natural, healthy treat, and since fish is usually his favorite food.

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The Polkadog Bakery Story

Polladog Bakery - Cod Skin & Chicken Strip Treats

Fresh & Single

Some of us enjoy spoiling our pets more than ourselves. Boston-based Polkadog Bakery lets you indulge your favorite pup with top quality, natural dog treats.

Polkadog began when Deb Suchman and Robert Van Sickle wanted to give Pearl, their new rescued pooch, the care she deserved. Her life before as a malnourished stray with impaired vision led her to do a bobbing dance. They called her the little Polka Dog.

Pearl’s parents hand made her gourmet snacks from single ingredients like cod and chicken. The treats were a hit with Pearl, and Deb and Robert found a new calling.

Polkadog starts with
the highest quality proteins, sourced from local suppliers around New England and the rest of the U.S. Then they put love into each piece, hand rolling the cod skins and hand stripping chicken breasts then slowly dehydrating them to crunchy, chewy goodness that will make your hound happy. Read More Read Less