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Cod Skins Case of 6

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Great idea.

8/29/2016 by Rosine

I bought this for my fur baby because there was only ONE ingredient. Actually I bought two; the container did not look large. There is a lot of cod skin in the container and they are very long - over a foot.
Bad news is my Mojo did not like them. He's picky about treats and food. He eyes whatever I'm eating so I pretended to eat one (yuck) hoping he would want it. No dice! They will not go to waste. The dog next door is a "Mikey"; he'll eat anything.


Don't limit this treat to dogs (only)....

8/28/2016 by Jill

This is a GREAT product.
When Virgil sees me opening the Cod Skin container, he completes a little circle in front of me, and sits down, with his tail wagging and his little body quivering with anticipation.

The BEST part is listening to him eat the skin: because he eats with his mouth open, the sound of LOUD CRUNCHING is undeniable (and very amusing). I can hear him enjoying the skin from upstairs! He's munching down in the kitchen, and I'm in bed trying to get some sleep).

Just wanted to tell the folks at Polkadog Bakery not to limit their sights to dogs: the cat, Patchouli, LOVES the skins as well. And she consumes them just as loudly and with as much passion. Virgil gets jealous when he knows that his treats are being enjoyed by the cat, as well.

Thank you for providing these healthy and delicious treats to the family!


excellent product

8/9/2016 by jim

Great product the dogs love them


My dogs and all their friends love them

7/3/2016 by Anne

My dogs and all their friends love them and beg for more.
They are also GOOD for them!


Popular and healthy treat.

7/3/2016 by Linda

We have 4 dogs and they are all crazy about these treats. One of the dogs is overweight and since these treats are low fat, she can have them. A great treat.


A Dog's second LOVE!

6/28/2016 by Zima

This Cod Skins are a favorite to my "fur family" and it shows..woof,woof! I know, they love me, but their Second love is now here!



6/21/2016 by Anne

My dogs love them! dog friends and their parents love them. you can cut them into smaller portions for smaller dogs. A bargain at the price they are sold.



6/20/2016 by Amy

best treat for my pup


It's Unanimous

2/17/2016 by Linda

We have 4 dogs in our family - 2 older and 2 pups. All of them are crazy about the cod skins. It's a treat I don't worry about giving them because it isn't full of chemicals. (All 4 dogs are of different breeds!)



1/21/2016 by Cindi

My dog loves these. I break them in 3rds and she wants more. She gets one every evening for her after dinner snack! So pleased with such a healthy snack! My grand dog is a great fan too! Way to go!

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The Polkadog Bakery Story

Polladog Bakery - Cod Skin & Chicken Strip Treats

Fresh & Single

Some of us enjoy spoiling our pets more than ourselves. Boston-based Polkadog Bakery lets you indulge your favorite pup with top quality, natural dog treats.

Polkadog began when Deb Suchman and Robert Van Sickle wanted to give Pearl, their new rescued pooch, the care she deserved. Her life before as a malnourished stray with impaired vision led her to do a bobbing dance. They called her the little Polka Dog.

Pearl’s parents hand made her gourmet snacks from single ingredients like cod and chicken. The treats were a hit with Pearl, and Deb and Robert found a new calling.

Polkadog starts with
the highest quality proteins, sourced from local suppliers around New England and the rest of the U.S. Then they put love into each piece, hand rolling the cod skins and hand stripping chicken breasts then slowly dehydrating them to crunchy, chewy goodness that will make your hound happy. Read More Read Less