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Have Bought This Product Multiple Times!

8/25/2015 by Jessica

My dog LOVES these cod skins and I love giving them to her! It has made her coat so shiny and healthy and I love how she goes crazy for the box when it arrives! This is a win-win situation, my dog is rewarded and I know I am giving her something that is good for her. Thank you Polkadog Bakery!


Tail-wag gin' good!

8/23/2015 by Wendy

My dogs LOVE these and I use them for a special treat about once a week. I have a dog with allergies and have to be careful about what I give her, but these are tail-waggin' good!


Dog loves these

8/15/2015 by Veronica

They do not smell! A little oily so I keep dog in kitchen for these. Container is very nice looking and seals well. I break in half as they are large and dog is small!



8/8/2015 by Ellysia

My dog absolutely adores these treats and I feel like I am making him healthier by feeding them to him. They don't make any mess and he doesn't leave any crumbs!


My picky pooch gives 2 paws up

8/2/2015 by Emily

Now I was not surprised at all when my little girl went nuts over these, because it is well known that she loves all things fishy. The surprise came when we presented them to her brother. This guy is the pickiest of pooches, and it is a constant struggle to find any treat or chew that he finds worthy to touch his lips...and he just about exploded with joy. They will be a much needed aid in training with him, and I had all but given up hope in finding something that would tempt him to this degree.
Thank you, Polka Dog Bakery!


Angus favorite treat

7/13/2015 by Rosemaria

The aroma emanating from the package, while no bed of roses, made an immediate impression on my Sheltie Angus. He loves these so much that it helps me with furthering his training as they are highly reinforcing. Their nutrition and crunchiness make them something I feel comfortable giving him, and knowing exactly what they are makes me feel confident they are healthy and safe.


So original

7/6/2015 by Virginia

My fussy dog LOVES these healthy treats. So do ALL my friends dogs


No mess, no fuss

7/1/2015 by kathleen

My pooch has a sensitive digestive system, so he can't successfully eat most dog snacks. I was very pleased (and surprised) at how excited he was over the cod skin chew, and how he didn't have a bad digestive reaction to it. Some chews are so chewy that they leave lots of slobbery mess to clean up. Not the cod skins! They seem more like a substantial potato chip - no mess, no fuss. Now the cod skin chews are a regular part of our dog snack routine!


My dog LOVES these

6/26/2015 by Catherine

These are a special treat for my Aussie, who will do any trick to earn one, then always dashes off to his bed to savor it. Apparently they contain doggy crack . . .


Well loved

6/25/2015 by Terry

At first, both dogs weren't sure what to make of them. We broke off a piece and gave each of them a bite. It was like they were blind and could all of a sudden see; they started dancing around! The dogs loved these and we liked how they didn't smell.

The price makes these a VERY special treat; but something that we will probably buy again.

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The Polkadog Bakery Story

Polladog Bakery - Cod Skin & Chicken Strip Treats

Fresh & Single

Some of us enjoy spoiling our pets more than ourselves. Boston-based Polkadog Bakery lets you indulge your favorite pup with top quality, natural dog treats.

Polkadog began when Deb Suchman and Robert Van Sickle wanted to give Pearl, their new rescued pooch, the care she deserved. Her life before as a malnourished stray with impaired vision led her to do a bobbing dance. They called her the little Polka Dog.

Pearl’s parents hand made her gourmet snacks from single ingredients like cod and chicken. The treats were a hit with Pearl, and Deb and Robert found a new calling.

Polkadog starts with
the highest quality proteins, sourced from local suppliers around New England and the rest of the U.S. Then they put love into each piece, hand rolling the cod skins and hand stripping chicken breasts then slowly dehydrating them to crunchy, chewy goodness that will make your hound happy. Read More Read Less