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My dog LOVES these!

4/23/2015 by Sara

I have a chocolate lab and she likes a lot of different treats but goes crazy for these when I get the package out. I love that they are all natural. I've been only giving her half a stick at a time to make the package last longer.


Most favored treat!

4/16/2015 by Gloria

I actually bought these treats before from the wonderful Polkadog Bakery in Lynnefield when I was visiting the area. I am thrilled they are now carried by the Grommett. The skins set the dogs salivating. I have to ensure that they are separated so that no one steals the other's treat.
They are very crispy which they love and break apart easily for smaller dogs (one is a Frenchie). I have tried other fish skin products which have been tough for the little guys to chew. What I like is the smell of the ocean when taking the lid off, the skins themselves don't smell very fishy which is great. I am also pleased that they are made sustainably from fish that is already processed- nothing is wasted. From the canine point of view, they are highly recommended.


Crunchy, healthy treats

4/12/2015 by Marsha

At first, my dogs paused. They'd never had anything that smelled or tasted like this. But that lasted about twenty seconds. It's easy to break these long sticks into much smaller treats, and to make the package last. I'll definitely order again.



4/12/2015 by anne

The dogs go wild over them :)


Great find

4/10/2015 by Jane

.Simply put this is the best treat'I've ever purchased for my pups. I feel good buying healthy treats which are also environmentally friendly. Yeah Polk Dog! Thanks Grommet


Great dog treat

4/9/2015 by Thomas

I have two dogs and they love these cod treats. They will pass on all other treats just to get a bite of these chews.
I have ordered another two tubes and will probably buy more as needed.


Favorite Crunchy Treat

4/5/2015 by Nancy Jill

Our dog absolutely LOVES these! She has been a potato chip addict since she was a puppy and these really satisfy her love of crunchy snacks. They are crispy and easy to handle. They do not have a bad smell like many other companion treats. The cod skins are a definite winner in our home. Peace


Great Product!

3/30/2015 by David

Dogs loved it! They loved the crunch and the taste. No residue or fishy smell left over.Wish it came in larger batches :)



3/28/2015 by Joanne

I bought two packages for my two pound puppies and a package for my daughters daschunds. They are unique and apparently very tasty. All four dogs just love them! When my dogs see me heading for the package, they can barely contain themselves. Those tails become whiplashes! It makes me happy to see them so excited. I will definitely repurchase this product.


my pups love these!

3/28/2015 by victoria

My two samoyeds and my rescue absolutely love these cod skin treats!

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The Polkadog Bakery Story

Polladog Bakery - Cod Skin & Chicken Strip Treats

Fresh & Single

Some of us enjoy spoiling our pets more than ourselves. Boston-based Polkadog Bakery lets you indulge your favorite pup with top quality, natural dog treats.

Polkadog began when Deb Suchman and Robert Van Sickle wanted to give Pearl, their new rescued pooch, the care she deserved. Her life before as a malnourished stray with impaired vision led her to do a bobbing dance. They called her the little Polka Dog.

Pearl’s parents hand made her gourmet snacks from single ingredients like cod and chicken. The treats were a hit with Pearl, and Deb and Robert found a new calling.

Polkadog starts with
the highest quality proteins, sourced from local suppliers around New England and the rest of the U.S. Then they put love into each piece, hand rolling the cod skins and hand stripping chicken breasts then slowly dehydrating them to crunchy, chewy goodness that will make your hound happy. Read More Read Less