Pooch Selfie

Prop for Dog Photos & Selfies

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A lot of fun.

9/22/2019 by Lance

This prop is inexpensive and will bring a dog right up to the lens. A lot of fun.



7/26/2018 by Laura

Bought as a gift. Niece really liked it.


Pooch selfie

12/7/2017 by Mary

It is so easy to use. I got great pictures of my dog.


So cute!

10/30/2017 by Sydney

Will be great for a Christmas present to come



6/24/2017 by Johnny

sasha poosh execennt


Terrific tool

6/21/2017 by Anna

I work with an animal rescue group, and this is the best way to get fantastic pictures of the foster dogs to put online. Works like a charm every time!


Unique Product, Great Idea

6/9/2017 by Nickee

It was easy to order, shipped fast, and is exactly as described. Such a great idea for capturing better photos of my dogs. Fits my Android fine but I like attaching it to my fold-over cover instead.
I love it!


8 mo Australian labradoddle

6/4/2017 by Darlene

Keeps Lexi interested for 2 or 3 good shots.



6/1/2017 by Lisa

I've had my adorable labradoodle for 4 years and could not get a decent picture of her to save my life. (She kept walking towards me whenever I tried to get a pic.) Upon receiving Pooch selfie, I popped it on and the FIRST pic I took was adorable! Not every dog will need this, I know there are a lot of photogenic dogs out there. But it DOES work and I'm glad I bought it!



2/13/2019 by S

These were a hit as Christmas gifts for the 30 somethings in our family with dogs (retrievers, of course)!

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The Pooch Selfie Story

Snap enviable dog selfies. Every time.

Pooch Picture Perfect

Pup Parents understand the perils of getting their four-legged friends to say cheese. This phone mount is the closest thing to a dog selfie stick. They’ll look right at the camera, every single time.

The logic is simple. Dogs love playing catch. Put a tennis ball on a camera and the draw is magnetic. They’ll follow that camera as if their lives depended on it.

Maker Jason Hernandez wanted the perfect pooch picture. By mounting a squeaky dog ball to his phone, he captured his dog’s attention and got him to stay put.

Now you’ll have a generous collection of ‘grammable, Facebook-caliber,
runway-worthy shots of your pup. Read More Read Less