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Great for pooch selfies

6/5/2017 by Carol

Other than a NY Steak, nothing will capture your dog's attention like a tennis ball. If this one also squeaked it would be even better. Just a thought. We take a lot of dog photos at Zelda Wisdom.com. and this item would be perfect... with an added squeaker.


Clamp doesn't fit

4/14/2019 by Beth

Great idea but the clamp doesn't fit my iPhone case. If you have anything other than a slim case, it won't fit.


Pooch Selfie

6/5/2017 by ROBIN

This was a gift to a friend who loves taking pictures of her black lab. It is an adorable novelty and I'm happy that I purchased it, however, it is not as sturdy as I had imagined it to be. My friend is enjoying it and doesn't mind the frequent need to adjust it to hold onto her phone.


Cute but overpriced

6/4/2017 by James

This is a one trick pony item. It really works, but the fun is over too soon for the price.


Pooch Selfie

8/11/2017 by Jana

Unfortunately this did not fit on my IPhone 7 even though the protective case is minimal in size. Seemed like a good idea though.

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The Pooch Selfie Story

Snap enviable dog selfies. Every time.

Pooch Picture Perfect

Pup Parents understand the perils of getting their four-legged friends to say cheese. This phone mount is the closest thing to a dog selfie stick. They’ll look right at the camera, every single time.

The logic is simple. Dogs love playing catch. Put a tennis ball on a camera and the draw is magnetic. They’ll follow that camera as if their lives depended on it.

Maker Jason Hernandez wanted the perfect pooch picture. By mounting a squeaky dog ball to his phone, he captured his dog’s attention and got him to stay put.

Now you’ll have a generous collection of ‘grammable, Facebook-caliber,
runway-worthy shots of your pup. Read More Read Less