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Portland Beard Company

Beard Oil Case of 8

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good oil, not enough scent

4/30/2014 by Joseph

I have used beard oils for while now, so I think I have an idea of what to expect. You know? A good oil, a good scent (not too heavy not too light).

THE GOOD: I love the dropper!! That is SOOO convenient. And the oil works really well... not too heavy or greasy wehn applied correctly.

THE BAD (sort of): I didn't like the Timber scent at all. It wasn't quite strong enough to be able to smell it. It was as if the natural oil scent overpowered the added scent, crowding it out.

Other than that, it wasn't bad... just not what I personally prefer!



4/23/2014 by Mark

Nice fragrance (citrus) but can't say much for its "hydration" of my beard, though. Takes a lot of product just to cover my beard, and mine isn't that long or full. Won't buy again



2/19/2014 by Kathleen

Gave this to my Boy friend. He used for 2 days but had to stop, caused itching


Not sure he likes it

2/17/2014 by Colleen

My husband didn't see improvement but I'm not sure he used enough on his very tough beard. I'll keep after him to try more than twice :)


Terrible smell

4/5/2019 by Michael

The smell was not what I expected, all I can say is it just smelled terrible, so I justtossed it out.



6/6/2014 by marc

The concept is great as is the packaging. The product is not. $20 for a small bottle of thin oil that did nothing other than make my beard glisten for an hour or so. It did nothing to soften the beard's texture. More than then recommended "few drops" were needed. Disappointing.



3/9/2014 by Richard

This product is nothing special - certainly not worth $20. It has no effect relieving skin itch / irritation. Sure, the oil produces an attractive sparkling shine on my beard, but so does olive oil.


Thumbs down

2/17/2014 by Connie

Really don't like the fragrance. I would return it but it's not worth it.

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The Portland Beard Company Story

Portland Beard Company - Beard Oil


Like any hairstyle, the best tressed beards require handling. There is no shortage of oils and products on the market for the hair on your head. Now, there's a solution for facial hair. From the Portland Beard Company comes an oil treatment designed to calm your skin and tame your beard at the same time. Founders and friends Stephanie and Paris (a.k.a. Beauty and The Beard) created the Argan oil-based elixir after Stephanie noticed Paris was incessantly scratching his face and whiskers.

Known as "liquid gold" around the world, Argan oil is mixed with Vitamin E, meadowfoam seed and essential
oils. The blend keeps beards soft, smooth, and clean, while the underlying skin remains itch-free.

Beards are as popular as ever. With the Portland Beard Company, you can handle yours with care . . . and oil.
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