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Dual USB Outlet Adapter With 10 ft. Extension

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love this product!

10/8/2015 by Becky

I have purchased several! For kids thy are wonderful....can charge many things at one time. Great in dorm rooms where outlets and space are always at a premium!


Love it!

9/22/2015 by Barbara

Bought the 10ft cord, loved it so much bought another 10ft'er, two 5's and the original (using this one for travel, one adapter 4 items perfect for Europe). They are perfect for all the side tables and al the electronics we have, plus lamps, well everything. Plus if you want to hide it a bit, but lose one plug also easy to do with the sticky strips and adaptor that comes with.
It's a keeper!


Great Product!

8/20/2015 by Judy

Saves a lot of space on the desktop. Long cord allows easy access from distant outlets.


Love the PowerCube

8/18/2015 by Judy

Really a great item. It saves a lot of space and provides plenty of outlets, both electrical and USB. I love it!


The Perfect Gift

8/5/2015 by Leslie

Bought this is a housewarming gift and the recipient was thrilled with it - charging and powering is no longer a chore and it affords more freedom. Worry free. Will be looking to buy one for myself soon!


Very useful

8/1/2015 by Beverly

This outlet adapter is extremely functional and well built. I had several power strip extensions in various places throughout my house and am slowly replacing them with these. The versatility of the adapter with the USB plugs is perfect for all our needs. I already have 2 of the extension adapters and 2 cubes and looking to buy more. Well worth the investment!



5/21/2015 by Robert

Makes life just a bit easier, and that's a good thing!


Works great for me as I travel.

5/6/2015 by Neva

I travel a great deal and was constantly looking for something that worked with all of my gadgets and was light and easy to travel with - the cube works for me. I carry it in my suitcase and then my backpack to locations. It is small on the desk, which works great. The cord is somewhat cumbersome because it is thick and pulls the cube around a little, but I find something that will keep it on the desk and hopefully, over time, it will relax a little. I would highly recommend the power cube.


Awesome product!

5/5/2015 by Jan

This is just what I've been looking for! I can now plug in my phone and iPad without sitting on the edge of my bed. It's convenient and I can plug in other devices so that they are closer to me....keeps me from tripping over cords. I'm thinking about ordering another one or two!



5/5/2015 by Jason

It has worked great, no issues and the longer cord is great for getting aroubd things.

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The PowerCube Story

PowerCube - Outlet Adapter with USB

Reachable Power

PowerCube is a modern reinvention of the traditional power strip. It offers more functionality—like two added USB ports—and is made to look better, too.

Charge your smartphone, tablet and more with this USB outlet adapter that also offers four traditional power outlets. The clever cube shape erases the problem of having two plugs that are too big to fit next to each other. On PowerCube, you can use every single outlet. You can even stack PowerCubes to get more outlets as needed.

PowerCube looks better than power strips or extension cords, and it’s far easier to keep within reach. With optional
mounting accessories, it can be put on a desk, under a table—wherever you need power. No more crawling behind furniture to reach outlets.

Plugging in and charging up is now convenient for our tech-happy world.
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