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Fingerprint Cufflinks - Silver

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6/21/2016 by Susan

This is a bit costly, but having the ability to freeze someone's fingerprint in time is pretty great. It was easy to do and the company sends it back quickly and in a pretty presentation box. (Be sure to push hard enough to get a good indentation.)



12/3/2017 by Josephine

Sent the kit to my son so he could send his fingerprint and make a pendant. He has huge hands and said the mold kept sticking and clay would peel off the mold. I did not see the mold he sent in but the “pendant” I received was less than 0.5 inches and the print was terribly smudged and faint. I realize that the mold he sent in may have not imprinted very well but I wish the person making the pendant had contacted me about the obvious smudge and smaller piece of clay that my son sent in before they made it.”The pendant “ is the size of a charm for a bracelet . I love the idea and am going to order another one for when he comes home for Christmas and hope for a better outcome. I know now that I can order an extra mold kit if there is a problem with first attempt.


Need a Practice Piece

8/10/2017 by Sharon

I wish they would have either sent 2 samples to press or let me know that the one I sent wasn't very distinct. They went ahead and made the necklace and it just barely shows a partial print.



12/7/2018 by Karen

Very disappointed in the chain, much different than the picture, very thin and cheap. Also the pendant looks much heavier in the picture. I know I didn't pay a million dollars for it, but I would at least like it to look like it does when you see it online.


It hardened up before I used

10/31/2019 by Diane

I guess I kept it too long before I made my finger impression. I wish I could get another.


Very poor quality

6/29/2019 by Linda

I spent a good amount to have a loved one’s fingerprint done in silver. My medallion’s print is almost visible, barely there. I am not happy with the quality of this work at all. I do not recommend spending money on this product.


Not happy

3/3/2016 by Barbara

Not that happy with the impression. Therefore was a lot of money if your not happy with the finished product.

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The Precious Metal Prints Story

You can't have this necklace.

Custom Prints

Some gifts are just destined to become keepsakes. That’s especially true of Precious Metal Prints custom-imprinted pendants. These custom charms are the brainchild of Precious Metal Founder, Grant Barton.

Wanting to give his wife a gift she’d treasure forever, Grant used some special clay to take impressions of his son’s fingerprints. Using that as a mold, he handcrafted a pendant that his wife could wear as a necklace. It received so many compliments, a business was born.

Today, Precious Metal Prints are still handcrafted in Knoxville, TN from a mold you make yourself using certified-safe
clay the company sends you. Simply take an impression of your loved one’s fingerprint—or nose print, if your loved one is of the 4-footed variety—and mail the kit back to Precious Metal.

In a couple of weeks you’ll receive your custom charm on a shining chain—a wonderful, personalized gift that belongs close to your heart.
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