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Fingerprint Pendant Necklace Kit

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Perfect Gift

7/6/2020 by Connie

This is the 3rd Fingerprint Pendant Necklace I have done. My husband did one for me in gold as a Christmas gift. I liked it so well we did one in silver. Now I have done one with my fingerprint for him for Father's day. They are easy to do, have good instructions and are very attractive. I have had many compliments and curiosity about them.
There was a bit of a glitch with the mail, it took quite awhile for me to get the kit, probably because of the Covid-19 situation. I called customer service to advise I hadn't received it and they immediately sent a replacement kit. Of course, I then received the original. The reason I'm saying all of this is because I was so impressed by the caring and quick results I received. Not only does Grommet have great products, they also have great Customer Service.



12/15/2019 by Janet

I purchased this kit to create my 92 YO mother's pinky finger imprint. On the opposing side, I placed her initials. While she is still here with us, this item will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, even after she is gone. You never know how much time you will have with a loved one, and this is an AWESOME way to have a one-of-a-kind piece of them forever.


Precious indeed

5/17/2019 by Beryl

Fingerprint charms were the perfect gift for my daughter for Mother's Day. She loves them! She received the completed silver charms quicker than expected. Hope this company is very successful!


My necklace is perfect

5/11/2019 by Vickie

It was fairly easy to do the finger print necklace. Even with a 3 yr. Old granddaughter who doesn't sit still! And within 2 1/2 weeks the necklace was delivered. It arrived in time for Mothers Day. I ordered one for me and my daughter. I cried when I saw it for the first time!



2/26/2019 by Donna

I initially had a problem with the clay breaking as it dried overnight, sent a message to Grommet. They got in touch wuth Precious Metals and they have helped me save my husbands finger print. Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service.


Amazing necklace

2/21/2019 by Cindy

Oh my goodness this necklace is amazing!!!! It is so SPECIAL to me knowing that I have just a treasured piece this close to my heart ❤️



2/14/2019 by Denise

I gave this to my daughter as a gift. It was a finger print of her daughter. It turned out very nice. My daughter loves it and wears it all the time.
This is a great personal and sentimental gift. I highly recommend it!


Looking forward to getting these

12/27/2018 by Judy

This is an interesting item. I have shipped them back to the maker and looking forward to getting them back.
So Far, so good


Looks great, came back quickly

12/22/2018 by Max

This necklace looks great, was easy to make and it arrived back to me a lot quicker than I expected after sending it back in. I’m very happy with it and I have it just in time to give my wife for Christmas!


Might be the best gift ever for my wife!

10/19/2018 by Chris

Might be the best gift ever for my wife!

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The Precious Metal Prints Story

You can't have this necklace.

Custom Prints

Some gifts are just destined to become keepsakes. That’s especially true of Precious Metal Prints custom-imprinted pendants. These custom charms are the brainchild of Precious Metal Founder, Grant Barton.

Wanting to give his wife a gift she’d treasure forever, Grant used some special clay to take impressions of his son’s fingerprints. Using that as a mold, he handcrafted a pendant that his wife could wear as a necklace. It received so many compliments, a business was born.

Today, Precious Metal Prints are still handcrafted in Knoxville, TN from a mold you make yourself using certified-safe
clay the company sends you. Simply take an impression of your loved one’s fingerprint—or nose print, if your loved one is of the 4-footed variety—and mail the kit back to Precious Metal.

In a couple of weeks you’ll receive your custom charm on a shining chain—a wonderful, personalized gift that belongs close to your heart.
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