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Pet Nose Pendant Necklace Kit

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12/24/2015 by Rayleen

This is a wonderful way to keep a loved one close to your heart. I gave two animal nose kits and one fingerprint coin to my daughter. She loved it.


Move fast and forget about perfection

12/19/2016 by Melissa

I have to say that I am very happy with the pendant, but you have to be quick and not worry about perfection. It took me two tries with the same mold - my first attempt was a fail as my dog attempted to eat it from my hand. Fortunately the mold was still viable and on the second try I managed to get what appeared to be a decent nose print. Rather then risk a third attempt, I put my faith in the manufacturer that they would send me a quality finished product. I have a small dog (pug), so the overall size of the finished pendant was about 3/4". My pendant is closer to the 3rd picture shown on the top row of the grommet site, but I can clearly see the unique features of my dogs nose, so that makes it a special piece for me. I would recommend.


Cute Idea

7/3/2016 by Margaret

Please read all the directions which are in very small lettering, I tried to do the first one by pressing it straight on my dogs nose and the picture shows a cupping of the hand . Which I'm sure will work when I do it a second time.
I had to buy another one because I couldn't get a good impression of my dogs nose so I kept doing it and it hardened up on me.
You have about 2 minutes after you knead it together.
I can't wait to do it again, It's a wonderful idea because I love my dogs nose.


A wonderful keepsake

7/1/2016 by Tammy

It was a perfect gift for my daughter. She has had her dog Benny since she was 9 years old (she is 21 now) - a wonderful keepsake


Good product!

12/30/2015 by Steven

Love the necklace!!! And my wife loves to have a piece of our little girl(pug) next to her! Wonderful product!
Only complaint was on the chain. Very thin and a little short. Will need to buy a thicker and longer chain for the pendant.
Was there an option to buy a thicker chain? Thanks!


A Bit Tricky

12/15/2015 by Karen

I'm sure the difficulty I had was because I tried a "do over" one too many times. When they say quick, they mean quick. The molding material felt the same in my hand, but it just wouldn't produce as much detail after the first time. It doesn't help that the nose I'm trying to do is huge.


Help with the putty

10/12/2016 by Karen

I had a problem with the putty--it hardened before I could get an impression. Is it possible to get another one? It seems like most of the cost would go to the pendant. I'm happy to pay for shipping and the cost of the putty.

Is there an email where I can communicate with the company?


It's OK

12/25/2015 by Stephanie

Everyone was super nice but the end result in gold just isn't as obvious as I'd hoped. If you look closely you can see a tiny nose smudge but not like the popped out one pictured.


Not quite what I'd hoped for

12/14/2017 by Birgit

I was very excited about this pendant, but have not gotten results that look like the pictures. I found it difficult to get much of the texture of my dog's nose in making the print. I tried a couple of times, but the clay was starting to set up, so I couldn't get the perfect print I'd hoped for. I was also disappointed that there was no envelope to send the print in - that added to the cost and was something I hadn't anticipated. The resulting pendant looks vaguely like a dog's nose, but isn't quite there. It is also much thinner than it looks to be in the pictures.

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The Precious Metal Prints Story

You can't have this necklace.

Custom Prints

Some gifts are just destined to become keepsakes. That’s especially true of Precious Metal Prints custom-imprinted pendants. These custom charms are the brainchild of Precious Metal Founder, Grant Barton.

Wanting to give his wife a gift she’d treasure forever, Grant used some special clay to take impressions of his son’s fingerprints. Using that as a mold, he handcrafted a pendant that his wife could wear as a necklace. It received so many compliments, a business was born.

Today, Precious Metal Prints are still handcrafted in Knoxville, TN from a mold you make yourself using certified-safe
clay the company sends you. Simply take an impression of your loved one’s fingerprint—or nose print, if your loved one is of the 4-footed variety—and mail the kit back to Precious Metal.

In a couple of weeks you’ll receive your custom charm on a shining chain—a wonderful, personalized gift that belongs close to your heart.
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