Wholesale Press Overview

The Grommet Wholesale is the first curated, online B2B e-commerce platform for the discovery and sales of products by independent Makers. It is a digitally enabled way for brick-and-mortar stores to stock their shelves with the same ease of online shopping. We want to level the playing field so the best companies can win. This platform aims to do that by providing a bridge between the world’s best product Makers and the $4 trillion independent retailer business. Until The Grommet Wholesale, these two parties had a difficult time connecting, yet they were each other’s lifeblood.

Our end goal is that within five years 10% of all products flowing through U.S. retail are originating from independent small-scale Makers, creating vibrant jobs and innovative products in every corner of our country. The Grommet Wholesale was the logical next step in achieving that goal.