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Best Seller Refill Pack Case of 24

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Adaptable, user-friendly, classy

1/13/2017 by Tom

My wife loves this hair tie! It's easier to use than hairbands, because it opens wide and then cinches closed to whatever width is needed. My wife's characteristic hair bun now takes half the time to construct. We also love how classy it looks, so she can wear it both at work and at home. Like other accessories, the beads tend to click together as she moves if they're in the right position, and we have no problem with this.

Keep in mind that due to the cinch system, hair may become trapped in the mechanism. We have resolved every instance of this by holding the mechanism in the open position while removing it; this allows the trapped hair to slip out the same way it slipped in, without snagging.

Great product!


Smart idea

1/13/2017 by Amy Olender

My 26 year old daughter absolutely loved these! She has very thick hair and it worked better


gave as gift

1/13/2017 by RUTH

neat gift


Beautiful jewelry for hair or wrist!

1/13/2017 by Linda

I love wearing these and have given them as gifts to my long-haired granddaughters as well.


So cute!

12/22/2016 by Dale

I gave this to a friend of mine and she loved it! She had it on and said it was comfortable and you didn't have to loop it.


More Pulleez Please

12/13/2016 by Julie

These are amazing and work on all types of hair. They look both casual and professional!


Great hair tie

11/12/2016 by Sandra M

I bought 2 Pulleez's in the past and purchased 2 more. Tie stays in place, doesn't cause breakage as other types of hair ties do. Bought extras so I have them in my travel case. Recommend for purchase.


Hang Tight!

11/4/2016 by Nancy

This is very pretty, and I know my daughter-in-law will like it. It's a Christmas gift.


Works really well

10/31/2016 by Elaine

I bought this for myself and was very pleased. It stays secure during my exercise class. I especially like the tassels! I bought the hearts for my little granddaughter. I recommend this product.


Great product

10/31/2016 by Elaine

I bought this for my three year old granddaughter and it works great!
My daughter found that winding it around the ponytail a few times really secured it, since my granddaughther's hair isn't thick. My daughter says it's very good at securing the ponytail!

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The Pulleez Story

Pulleez Update April2016 V2

Ponytail Days

Whether your hair is long or shoulder length, chances are, you pull it back into a ponytail at least some part of almost every day. Unfortunately, the ponytail ridge and damage caused by regular hair elastics remain long after you let your hair back down again.

These ponytail holders feature a patented sliding system that gently tightens the elastic without twisting, making it gentle on the hair. Available in a variety of colors and charm styles, this clever little problem solver is turning heads not only for its ease of use, but also for its unique styling. When not in your hair, Pulleez can
be worn around your wrist like a bracelet.

Pulleez creator, Diana Wright, came up with the idea while working as a fashion producer. She needed a backstage solution that would slide out quickly and easily leaving models’ hair runway ready in no time. Before long, Pulleez made their way front and center onto the catwalk. From the fashion world to the office, gym, and even the playground, Pulleez bring new found health and beauty to the everyday ponytail.
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