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didn't quite work, for me.

1/5/2020 by Delilah

I had high hopes, for the filters, as I've started flushing after drinking my chillable red, the nasal congestion, stuffy nose, at the same time, have tried three of the filters, and still experience facial flushing and they are expensive, so, probably will not purchase, again.


Didn't solve my wife's allergy problem;

10/31/2019 by Steve

We were hoping that this might alleviate the allergic reaction my wife has developed to wine and most alcoholic beverages; unfortunately it didn't. Which is not to say it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, just not what we were hoping. We're not sure exactly what it is that causes her problem, but it was worth a try.


It’s seem to work.

6/5/2019 by Bonnie

This product seem to work well but it is a little pricey for one time use.


Works some of the time

2/13/2019 by Ron

Bought some to see if they would stop my wife getting migranes.


Wand works but p;rice is going up

2/5/2019 by Deb

I like the wand but soon it will cost more than my bottle of wine, I guess I will go back to my cosmos



12/29/2018 by Marlene

If the wine wand is only good for one glass of wine, the almost $20.00 cost could run into a lot of money for someone who drinks several glasses a week. Are you considering any type of buy more & save options?



10/1/2018 by Kat

Although they work well, they are far too expensive.



3/23/2019 by Denise

I still had a headache the next morning even with obe glass of wine. Won't purchase again.


This product did NOT work for me...

7/20/2020 by Ann

I get migraines from sulfites, so I hope this would work. Buyer beware - I was sick after 2 glasses of wine, and spent that night and the entire next day in bed with a migraine and throwing up. Not pleasant. They hit the trash cam FAST. Very disappointing.


Did not live up to its claims.

12/6/2019 by Kate

I purchased for my sister who has severe allergy symptoms when drinking wine, it didn't help her at all. However, my husband who has very mild allergy symptoms drinking wine, says he thought it helped.

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The PureWine Story

The Wand | Wine Histamine & Sulfite Absorbers

Wine Filter

David Meadows and his son Derek wanted to create a wine filter to combat the stuffy nose and headache-y reaction David experienced when he drank red wine. They discovered that wine, particularly red wine, is packed with sulfites (which are used as a preservative) and natural histamines. These allergens can cause congestion, facial flushing, and hangover-like feelings for some drinkers, like David.

It took the Meadows five years to perfect their solution: The Wand™ and The Wave™ Wine Filters. They're pint-sized filters that remove the bulk of sulfites and histamines—and their side effects—in a
glass or bottle of wine, without affecting taste, aroma, or color.

Nanopore beads sealed in the single-use device absorb up to 95% of wine allergens. It's disposable and easy to take along with you. Just give it a swirl in your glass and let it soak for three minutes before drinking.
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