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Works very well

10/23/2020 by Bud

Certain red wines give me nasty headaches. After trying the Wine Filter, I can honestly say the headaches are no longer present when imbibing these wines. The Wine Filter lives up to its claims.


Wands are great!!

10/20/2020 by Susan

These wands allow me to enjoy a glass of wine without flushing, getting a headache or having a rapid heart rate. I always have a few in my purse or several in my suitcase.


Heaven Sent

10/19/2020 by Cathy

Nothing is worse than getting a hangover WHILE you’re still drinking! This wand took care of that for me. Usually I’d get a screaming headache if I drink red wine. Using this wand made it possible to enjoy it once again. I buy them to give as gifts to my friends.


It works !

7/23/2020 by Gerry

My husband would get headaches from wine, but when he uses the "wine filter" - no headaches !


Love These!

7/22/2020 by Kelly

Helps with allergies!


Excellent Product!!

7/21/2020 by Dona

It worked for me just as promised and I will purchase it over and over again! Thank you.


Wine without the headache

7/20/2020 by Nola

I typically drink white wine because red wines often give me a headache. Now I can drink either!


It works:)

5/29/2020 by Susan

The filter really works. I thought the wine smelled a little different at first but settled after a minute. I enjoyed the big glass of wine with no headache or stuffy nose the next day- thanks!


It works!

5/17/2020 by Elizabeth

Very pleased. It worked well. Easy to use.


Life Just Got Better!

4/27/2020 by Linda

I love being able to drink red wines again, because the wand takes out ALL Sulfites and Histamines! I'm truly grateful for all red wine possibilities including, zinfandels, petite syrahs, and cabernets!

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The PureWine Story

The Wand | Wine Histamine & Sulfite Absorbers

No More Wine Headaches

PureWine founders David Meadow and his son Derek wanted to create a wine purifier to combat the stuffy nose and headache-y reaction David experience when he drank red wine. They discovered that wine, particularly reds, is packed with sulfites (used as a preservative) and natural histamines. These allergens can cause congestion, facial flushing, and hangover-like feelings for some drinkers. (Like David.)

It took the Meadow’s five years to perfect their solution, The Wand. It’s a pint-sized purifier that removes the bulk of sulfites and histamines—and their side-effects—in a glass of wine,
without using harmful chemicals and without affecting flavor.

Nano-pore beads sealed in the single-use device absorb up to 95% of wine allergens. It's disposable and easy to take along with you. Just give it a swirl in your glass and let it soak for three minutes before drinking.
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