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Proud Grill Company

Grill Cleaner Kit Starter Pack & Floorstand Case of 24

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great product

6/26/2019 by Paula

Love this easy safe way to clean the grill. No more dangerous pieces of a brush in the food!


Good product

2/14/2019 by Sharon

Love this product and it works really well on the grill


Great formal home grills

10/21/2018 by Steven

This is perfect for small home gas grills. It precleans really well and seems to leave the grates very clean. I replay like it and will be ordering more replacement sets soon.


Finally an easier way to clean my grill

10/4/2018 by William

Q-swiper solved my long standing search to find an easier way to clean my grill. I don’t like using the wire brushes as they knock off the big stuff but don’t “clean”. The first time i used the q-swiper wipes it not only took off the big stuck on chunks offbthe grill but also clean the grime off the grill plates so i had almost a grill that looked like it hadn’t beennused before. I am super impressed!!


Great replacement for wire brush

10/1/2018 by Ed

This actually removes grease much easier


Work Perfectly!

8/23/2018 by Anne

I always dreaded opening our grill, fearing what the grate would look like after a previous cook-out. With this easy-to-use scrubber and accompanying wipes, I never have to worry about opening up a dirty grill again!


Great product, does its job as described!

8/21/2018 by Jenni

I used this product last night for the first time. It worked very well. I appreciate Grommet for fining and offering quality products, such as this Q-Swiper. Thank you so much!


Gave to my husband!

7/28/2018 by Kyle

He loves it!


My husband's new favorite tool.

7/26/2018 by Cathy

A quick and efficient way to clean your grill before every use. Love that it doesn't leave fibers in or on your grill.


Gift for adult son who loves grilling

7/25/2018 by Paula

He seemed to be very pleased, but has not grilled since his birthday.

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The Proud Grill Company Story

Wipe last night’s dinner off your grill.

Wipe Grills Clean

The idea for grill wipes came to Maker Paul Cira after he learned first-hand about the dangers of using a wire bristle brush to clean the grill. He heard about people swallowing loose bristles, and after stepping on one, he knew there had to be a safer way. So he created the Q-Swiper Grill Wipe Cleaning System to do the scrubbing and cleaning job without any wire bristles.

Paul’s safer system uses a stainless steel scraper to remove burnt, stuck-on food from grill grates and a flexible scrubbing pad that holds the grease-absorbing wipes. Each wipe contains food-contact safe cleaning agents and
features a raised, grime-gripping surface to provide a fresh cooking surface each time you grill. Read More Read Less