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Proud Grill Company

Q-Swiper Grill Cleaner Starter Kit 24pc Floorstand

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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10/10/2019 by Judy

This looks really sturdy. I wanted something to replace a wire brush. It’s a gift for my son-in-law. He is fanatical about both his grilling and keeping things clean. This looks perfect.


Grill cleaning made easy!

10/1/2019 by Dawn

I love this Q-Swiper Grill Scrubber & Wipe set. It actually makes cleaning your grill fun! Let's face it - cleaning a grill is a dirty job but with this it is safe, no wire bristles to end up in your food and then in your stomach! Never be embarrassed to open your grill in front of dinner guests! It works great! I bought one as a no reason gift for my son and he is extremely pleased. Worth every penny!


Great product

6/26/2019 by Paula

Love this easy safe way to clean the grill. No more dangerous pieces of a brush in the food!


Good product

2/14/2019 by Sharon

Love this product and it works really well on the grill


Great formal home grills

10/21/2018 by Steven

This is perfect for small home gas grills. It precleans really well and seems to leave the grates very clean. I replay like it and will be ordering more replacement sets soon.


Finally an easier way to clean my grill

10/4/2018 by William

Q-swiper solved my long standing search to find an easier way to clean my grill. I don’t like using the wire brushes as they knock off the big stuff but don’t “clean”. The first time i used the q-swiper wipes it not only took off the big stuck on chunks offbthe grill but also clean the grime off the grill plates so i had almost a grill that looked like it hadn’t beennused before. I am super impressed!!


Great replacement for wire brush

10/1/2018 by Ed

This actually removes grease much easier


Work Perfectly!

8/23/2018 by Anne

I always dreaded opening our grill, fearing what the grate would look like after a previous cook-out. With this easy-to-use scrubber and accompanying wipes, I never have to worry about opening up a dirty grill again!


Great product, does its job as described!

8/21/2018 by Jenni

I used this product last night for the first time. It worked very well. I appreciate Grommet for fining and offering quality products, such as this Q-Swiper. Thank you so much!


Gave to my husband!

7/28/2018 by Kyle

He loves it!

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The Proud Grill Company Story

Wipe last night’s dinner off your grill.

Wipe Grills Clean

The idea for grill wipes came to Maker Paul Cira after he learned first-hand about the dangers of using a wire bristle brush to clean the grill. He heard about people swallowing loose bristles, and after stepping on one, he knew there had to be a safer way. So he created the Q-Swiper Grill Wipe Cleaning System to do the scrubbing and cleaning job without any wire bristles.

Paul’s safer system uses a stainless steel scraper to remove burnt, stuck-on food from grill grates and a flexible scrubbing pad that holds the grease-absorbing wipes. Each wipe contains food-contact safe cleaning agents and
features a raised, grime-gripping surface to provide a fresh cooking surface each time you grill. Read More Read Less