Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle - 12 oz Case of 2

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Teensie quibble

1/13/2017 by Vern

Needs a handle, finger-ring, something.


A New Twist

1/13/2017 by Anna

I love the idea of a more compact water bottle and have tried a number of flask/bottle combinations. This one certainly takes less space in your bag when it is collapsed. The problem with it though is that it doesn't stand up well when it is extended and full of water so you don't dare put it down if the lid isn't tightly closed.


Collapsible Water bottle

12/23/2016 by Linda

This is a great bottle, kept the water cold, easy to hold, and gets s,aller. My only less than perfect comment is that it doesn't stand firm with the small "stand" on the bottom it is a little wobbly. But then who says our "glass" has to be straight up, anyway, just need the user training.


Suggestion/comment about bottle

12/7/2016 by Linda

I just used the 20 oz. bottle today on a hike. I did like it very much, although it took me several dribbles to adjust to drinking from a wider mouth instead of the small water bottle tops.

The one thing that I noticed that was kind of irritating was the fact that the bottle does not stand firmly or straight. It is kind of wobbly. It appears that the ridge on the bottom possibly is not tall or wide enough to have it sit firmly on a flat surface. We'll have to see how that works out.

And yes, as some one else noted a hook on the lid possibly to snap to a belt would be helpful.


Great but falls over

1/22/2020 by Lori

Love this idea! Issue is that it doesn't stand up. Needs more weight at the base to keep it upright


just ok

7/26/2019 by anne

I ordered 5 of these for a trip...some for gifts. They were ok. I boiled them first, as directed, but they still get a film inside that is a little hard to clean. If you want to collapse it part way, it leans..alot. It doesn't have much insulation, so your drink gets room temperature quickly, which is bad when it is 100 degrees out and you are drinking hot water.


Convenient, but risky

2/14/2019 by v

Love the way it folds up small when empty, but when I’m drinking from it, it flexes a bit, which makes me nervous that it’s going to fall over when I set it down.


Still the same?

12/5/2018 by Veronica

I bought one of these bottles when they first arrived on the site.. are they still the same? I've had mine for years now and still, anytime I fill it with water, the water tastes like silicone. It limits my use for it, as I only use the bottle when I HAVE to.


at first thought it was a great concept

11/4/2018 by Thomas

Honestly only used them a few times, like the semi-collapse design to minimize air, easy to clean, but I'm not using them.



10/19/2018 by Linda

Granddaughter uses it

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The que Story

Can your water bottle fold like this?

Accordion Bottle

This BPA-free water bottle collapses to take up hardly any space in your backpack, purse, or even fanny pack.

The spiraled groove running around que allows the bottle to expand and contract like an accordion. Its dishwasher-friendly, flexible silicone body has a steel drinking rim and cap which creates an air-tight seal and prevents leakage.

Married duo Jean Wu and Kevin Shen wanted to dissuade people from using disposable plastic bottles. que’s clever convenience makes helping the environment easy!