Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle - 12 oz Case of 2

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Small flaw?

1/13/2017 by Peter

I bought this for my wife. I noticed when partially full it has a tendency to collapse a little at the bottom and lean. Has actually fallen over by itself.


Definitely wobbly.

1/11/2017 by Janet

The bottles work great in a bag or pack, but when placed on a hard surface (like a bedside table), it can easily topple over. Keeping the lid on helps, but if you leave the lid off...you have a mess.



12/22/2016 by Jenifer

It's okay. Its cool that it reduces down into a small bottle when empty. But when the bottle is filled with liquid, it is not sturdy and rather wobbly.


Cool Idea, but Rather Ineffective

4/16/2019 by Stephen

I was excited to get this bottle because I thought it would be so much easier to use it to provide myself with fresh water on flights and I fly frequently. I used it on three trips and then returned to my old aluminum bottle, which is more space-consuming when empty, but which doesn't leak and is easier to drink from than this bottle was. I found that the lid's seal was not completely watertight and I had drips of water on the outside of the bottle whenever the bottle was not upright. When full, the bottle will not easily stand on its own, which was something I failed to consider before purchasing it. Because it does not have a rigid bottom, it will not easily stay, for example, on the airplane's tray table. It is wobbly and falls over frequently, necessitating jamming it into the seat back pocket, which when you're 6'5" tall, as I am, means you have to give up precious legroom. I need a bottle that is stable (a rigid bottom would be a HUGE design improvement), watertight and holds more than this bottle does. I'd figured that I would end up getting 2 if I liked it so I could have all the water I desired, but was sufficiently unimpressed with the que to abandon that plan and return to my aluminum bottle. The que is in the Goodwill box in the garage.


Not great!

1/2/2019 by Scott

When it is not full of water, it tips over.


Not quite

7/25/2018 by Laurie

I had high hopes for this. But when it is fully extended, it is not stable. And a bit flimsy to hold. I guess it depends on your intended use.



6/21/2018 by Mara

I like the idea of the collapsible style...I thought that it would work well on runs to get smaller as I go along. The one drawback, it doesn't seem to want to stand on a flat service...looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa except the bottle will sometimes flop over. Does not affect the taste of the water at all which is nice but I find this is not my automatic 'go to' when I grab a water bottle. Maybe I'll try it in the bottle clip on my bike and see if it works well there...otherwise, I might be 'recycling' it


Not quite pleased!

6/1/2018 by Ilene

Well, I love the look and design of this bottle, but I have to say that even when the lid is screwed down really tight, it can leak. As long as the bottle is not "stressed", the leak doesn't happen, but when put in a backpack pocket or under any pressure, it doesn't hold up. I also notice that however many times it's washed, there's still an odor to the contents. And in agreement with other reviews, it's really tippy when full. Sad - I really wanted to love it!


great concept

5/21/2018 by jill

Loved the idea of a collapsible lightweight water bottle however this one is difficult to balance when full/half full etc. and is more like a wind sock!.. The 'ramp' like structure makes it difficult to feel secure about when expanded and I can only use it for certain activities when stability is not essential!

I also bought one for a friend. I would have chosen a different design had I known.


Works as says, but bad taste and unstable

5/21/2018 by Dan

I boiled this and soaked it and there was little aftertaste. It sat on the shelf for a week and I used it again and it had horrible aftertaste.

The product is quite unstable, just so people realize this. It is okay for my use (bring on airplane flights), but doesn't sit on a counter or desk with expected stability.

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The que Story

Can your water bottle fold like this?

Accordion Bottle

This BPA-free water bottle collapses to take up hardly any space in your backpack, purse, or even fanny pack.

The spiraled groove running around que allows the bottle to expand and contract like an accordion. Its dishwasher-friendly, flexible silicone body has a steel drinking rim and cap which creates an air-tight seal and prevents leakage.

Married duo Jean Wu and Kevin Shen wanted to dissuade people from using disposable plastic bottles. que’s clever convenience makes helping the environment easy!