Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle - 20 oz. Case of 2

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Does not stand up straight

1/14/2018 by Lisa

Very disappointed with this product. It does not stand up straight on the counter even when unfilled. Leans even more when filled with liquid such that is is unusable.


Collapsible Water Bottle

12/17/2017 by Martha

There is nothing about this item that is pleasing. The container itself feels flimsy. The first day I used it, it fell on my hardwood floor (not cement or tile) and the bottom caved in a bit. When I tried to fix it, it would not go back to its original shape. It looks like the leaning tower of Pisa.


Looks good but....

10/15/2017 by May

I really want to like this cool bottle but the silicone makes the water tastes off and different. Also, it doesn’t stand flat and it’s difficult to clean the insides with all those grooves. I Need to return it.


Sorry, but, I can't get rid of the rubber taste.

10/9/2017 by angela

Sorry, but, I can't get rid of the rubber taste.
Any suggestions are welcome!



6/15/2017 by Charley H

I have only used this bottle once and it's going straight in the trash. I filled it up and put it in my car cupholder and it dripped from the top for the entire trip. Then when it sat on my desk it fell, so I had to prop it up which makes it cumbersome to use. Not easy to drink out of.


The seal is not watertight.

5/24/2017 by Eric

After I filled the bottle with water and screwed in the cap, I turned the bottle upside down and discovered it was dripping. I tried several times with the same result. Buy at your own risk.


not as expected

4/2/2017 by Nicole

a simple solution would be a hard bottom for this - not well designed - not sure how this got past QC. It does not stand well - the 5 star reviews make me very suspicious - especially ones that say its sturdy.. especially that review near the top from Emily. Product is well photographed and marketed but does not meet its promise.


Terrible Quality

2/8/2017 by Agnes

I got this bottle in blue as a gift from my bf. In the pictures, the bottle looks sturdy and well-made, but in reality it is floppy and feels very cheap. Given that the silicone is so thin that it is nearly see through in the creases when unfolded, it is no wonder that the bottle cannot even stand on its own when filled with water. Also, it is impossible to keep the bottle filled with water and collapsed when drinking from it. The moment the cap is off, the bottle unfolds on its own. On top of everything else, the stainless steel cap started rusting the day after I got the bottle in the mail! Even worse, the silicone is obviously leaching because it makes water taste awful. This must be the worst bottle I've ever owned.


I wanted to love it so bad

2/4/2017 by Hady

First off it took them so long to ship it out, I got an email apologizing and giving me a new date because they were backed up. Then new date came and still no tracking number until 4 days later. I ordered orange got a grayish white color instead.

The size is good. Top is great. I love the idea of the bottle. It is true it does take less space. I have had it for a bit over two weeks now. Lots of compliments from my friends.

Hate the smell. Bottom is not stable. I discovered after day 3 that I have to deep clean the inside of the bottle even though it only held water because there was little black things at the bottom. Mold?

Don't feel very comfortable drinking from it. Feel like I have wasted my money. Would not recommend to anyone. They need to work on the bottle. The idea is great.


Not as expected :(

1/16/2017 by Laura

I purchased this for my boyfriend and we filled it and set it on the table and it fell over! It was so unstable it wouldn't stay standing. When we laid it on it's side, it then leaked! Loved the concept, just disappointed in the execution.

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The que Story

Can your water bottle fold like this?

Accordion Bottle

This BPA-free water bottle collapses to take up hardly any space in your backpack, purse, or even fanny pack.

The spiraled groove running around que allows the bottle to expand and contract like an accordion. Its dishwasher-friendly, flexible silicone body has a steel drinking rim and cap which creates an air-tight seal and prevents leakage.

Married duo Jean Wu and Kevin Shen wanted to dissuade people from using disposable plastic bottles. que’s clever convenience makes helping the environment easy!