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6/14/2017 by May

In theory, it's a good idea but I have found it difficult to clean and dry the inside of the Bottle due to all the grooves. You cannot collapse it with water inside unless you open it up first. Other than this, it's fun using this water bottle.



6/14/2017 by Tommie

I purchased this water bottle to take on a 2 week trip. It lasted 1 day. The first night after using this bottle, I opened it to rinse it out and found rust on the inside where the cap had been. Needless to say it was not used again.


I tried to like it...

5/20/2017 by Carol

I tried to like this product but I had two issues with it.
1. When full of liquid it is unstable and tends to lean or fall over or partially collapse.
2. It really cannot be cleaned out properly. Due to the ridges inside mold, stains cannot be easily removed, even with boiling water, suds and brush. The dishwasher does not solve the problem.


ours tilts and then falls over

2/4/2017 by Monica

It won't stay upright when partially full.


Attractive but a little inconvenient

1/13/2017 by Jeffrey

Bottle is attractive, has great quality lid with great seal, and compactibility is nice. However the Silicon body is very soft and lacks rigidity which creates several problems. It tips over easily when filling or when full, and it gets stuck in most cupholders and is awkward to get out. You also have to hold lightly, or the contents will be squeezed out. Great if you need something lightweight and compact for backpacking, but not a whole lot else. It's also much more expensive than comparable options you can buy.


Wish I didn't purchase

2/13/2019 by Jamie

I keep this in my glove box in case I forget my water bottle when going to work. It smells very strongly of rubber and I can't use it to drink from because the smell is so obnoxious.


Useless - hole in the bottom

1/4/2019 by Jennifer

My son was super excited to receive this for Christmas, but after opening and closing it a couple of times, he discovered a hole in one of the bottom "twists." Disappointing. Will be returning.



9/9/2018 by Dennis

I filled it with water and covered it, but when I squeezed it, the water leaked from the cover.



5/15/2018 by Joan

I loved the idea and gave one away as a gift and kept one for myself. I really can’t use it because it tips over too easily.
This will find itself in a garage sale.


Sorry, not a fan

4/7/2018 by Cristal

This has a great look and wonderful weight. But it does not stand up. So, if you don’t mind the bottle lying down all the time, you might be ok. It also doesn’t have a drinking/sipping spout. It’s too bad. I really wanted to love this.

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The que Story

Can your water bottle fold like this?

Accordion Bottle

This BPA-free water bottle collapses to take up hardly any space in your backpack, purse, or even fanny pack.

The spiraled groove running around que allows the bottle to expand and contract like an accordion. Its dishwasher-friendly, flexible silicone body has a steel drinking rim and cap which creates an air-tight seal and prevents leakage.

Married duo Jean Wu and Kevin Shen wanted to dissuade people from using disposable plastic bottles. que’s clever convenience makes helping the environment easy!