Retractable Ratchet Tie Down Strap - 1500 lbs. Breakstrength - 2 Pack Case of 4

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He loved it!

6/26/2019 by Jenny

Husband really likes this! Much easier to use than the nylon straps alone with the coated hooks.


Excellent Product

6/23/2019 by George

While I've only had a chance to test this new product, I can say that it does solve one of the major issues using ratchet straps. Most ratchet straps require time to unwrap, strap down your load, release the pressure and remove the strap. Then the most time-consuming step, rewrapping the strap so it will be easy to use next time. With the retractable feature, the strap rewinds itself, so all in all, this one is very quick and easy to use, then put away.



6/11/2019 by Ray

works great and durable


Absolutely the BEST

6/10/2019 by David

Never have to worry about tangled straps again. Always neat and tidy. You will never buy a regular tie-down ratchet strap again. Bought my first set last year. Since then I have given three sets as gifts. When your firends see what you have, you will either have to give them a set or they will always be asking to borrow yours.


At Last!!

5/24/2019 by Empty

The world needed a tie down that complete morons could use, and we bow our heads in thanks. You are helping to keep the world safe from those idiots. I went all the way over a hill and came all the way back and never killed anyone with my flying cargo.


Works great!

5/1/2019 by Don

I'll probably buy the larger one too.


Tie-Down Guru

4/5/2019 by Charlie

My wife tells me all the time that I have a tie down strap fettish. I have to admit that I do own way more than I need but, this tie down is (other than being a little bulkee),by far one of the best thought out tie down I own. It is actually a tie down that one person can use without anyone holding one end to keep it where you need it. Every where I use my retractable strap, everyone that sees it, comments on how cool it is, and wants to know where I got it from. Best tie down in my large collection of them. Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From a "tie down Guru" I highly recommend it to everyone.


they work!

2/15/2019 by elizabeth

My husband at 73 is not as strong as he used to be. Today he single-handedly tied our golf cart to our flat bed to take for repairs - without any cussing. They beat our old ratchet straps 1000 to one!


Best tie down ever!

2/13/2019 by Tammy

Super easy to use. Held the load secure for a 2.5 hour trip that went up, over a mountain range then back again with a different load. If they hold up over the long run, they’ll be worth the cost. Wish they weren’t quite so expensive.


Useful Strap

2/13/2019 by Robin

Stereotypically, my husband uses this and likes it a lot.

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The Quickloader Story

The absolute neatest tie down strap we could find.

Hands-Down Best Tie Down

If you’ve ever used a tie down, you probably know that there’s room for improvement with the traditional tool. Quickloader is just that. It’s a ratchet tie down strap that makes moving loads easier and safer thanks to its self-adjusting recoil feature.

When you tighten the straps, the locking mechanism provides an added measure of safety and prevents the webbing from coming loose. The extra-large steel handle gives hands a safer distance from the ratcheting mechanism, and gives you better leverage to crank it. When you’re done, Quickloader retracts the webbing to store neatly—no knots or
tangles—for the next job. Read More Read Less