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The only way to trim Brisket

7/2/2020 by Claude

For the first time in a long time...no cut glove! This cuts my time trimming brisket by over half.


Works...nuff said!

6/30/2020 by Mark

So...I just used the trimmer last night for the first time to trim off the fat from some pork that I am preparing for pulled pork. Worked exactly as described...very sharp! Makes a tedious job almost fun.


Great time saver!

6/11/2020 by Susan

My husband loves to grill and smoke meats. This has helped him trim fat off his meats safely and more quickly than when he used a large kitchen knife. He really appreciated this gift. It'll get lots of use in our house.


Remove that Fat Quickly

2/3/2020 by Barbara

So much easier than trying to trim off the fat with a knife. Great Product.



1/29/2020 by Marsha

Works great to remove the fat. Will order more in future.


Christmas gift

12/22/2019 by dawn

Bought as a gift for my son and granddaughter,my hunters..looks and feels good in the hand.I know I'll be using it too,as I was the one that had to usually had to remove the silver skin off.But maybe with this,I won't have to.Son will do it and brag to his other friends.


Great Trimmer

11/1/2019 by J Robert

This thing is a dream if you need to trim any kind of large piece of meat. It is RAZOR sharp so you have to be careful how much pressure you put on it or it will cut right into the meat. Very handy to have.


Quick work

10/31/2019 by SHARON

our son loves to smoke brisket. Without this trimmer, he was taking off too much meat along with the fat. This trimmer makes quick & easy work & saves more meat! He loves this trimmer!



10/31/2019 by Saracia

Don't know why I didn't just buy this sooner. You cannot believe how efficient this thing is. Very sharp. Keep the invisible blade cover. Good purchase.


Nice gift

10/4/2019 by Erica

I bought this as a gift for my brother who routinely smokes meat dishes for family gatherings. He reports that it works well and is very useful.

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The Qwick Trim Story

Qwick Trim | Brisket Trimmer

Brisket Boss

Rob Wheeler developed the Qwick Trim meat trimmer to make the fat-removing job quicker, easier, and safer for the staff at his barbecue catering company in Hawaii. The team there can trim up to 50 briskets a day.

The tool is Made in the USA and is perfect for amateur BBQers, professional chefs, and everyone else in between. Its stainless steel blade is the same as a medical-grade surgical one, so you know you’re getting a precision cut. The sturdy handle allows you to have one hand on the meat (for better grip) as you make parallel passes away from your body with your other hand, removing fat
and silver skin with each pass. Qwick Trim works beautifully on a variety of cuts of meat, including whole porterhouse, whole ribeye, and, of course, brisket. Read More Read Less