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Just what the doctor ordered

6/27/2019 by Steven

Muscles have stopped cramping since I have used this


Great Product

2/12/2018 by Russ

This has been helpful in loosening up my back and relieving pain.



1/30/2017 by Marla

I ordered this because I have IT band issues. I took this to my personal trainer and her eyes lit up!!
She loves this tool, so much better than the hard plastic things and so much easier to use. Everyone else, including P.T's want you to roll on top on them which is very hard to do.
This it truly a wonderful item and works oh so well.
I am very glad that I bought this!
Thank you to the inventors!


Self care for the client and practioner

10/6/2016 by Brenda

I am a massage therapist, and the physical work we do often takes a toll on our own bodies. The RAD is great and effective self care for me in my practice. All our therapists love it. In addition to our self care, we have one that we loan to our clients for at home self care. Of course, we always tell them they can order it through The Grommet. We're thinking between the professional care and the self care, our clients see longer lasting results and lead healthier lives. Increased mobility, ROM and strength are just a few of the benefits of using RAD.


Great purchase!

7/5/2016 by Lee

Very happy with my purchase! My husband uses it every day on his lower back to relieve his discomfort. We Love it!


Great Relief!

2/29/2016 by Heather

This works SO much better than tennis balls in a sock! I drop a rope with a knot in one end through the center so that I can use it to roll against the wall--IT bands, terres muscles Etc.
I use the rod to roll out quads and shins.


Great item

2/11/2016 by michael

Saves a ton on in person massage. Won't change your entire life but is truly great for working over aches & pains.


Great Product

8/5/2016 by Suzanne

I was surprised at how well this product works and how easy it is to use. It can be turned in any direction to get to the exact muscle that needs attention. The bar works very well, it fits the product well so that it doesn't get stuck while rolling. I am grateful that I purchased this product because it has helped me significantly.


Not worth money

12/6/2018 by Heather

It really don't work all the area's like it says it does. Wasn't satisfied at all

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The RAD Story

Roll away your aches.

Muscle Relief

RAD Co-Founders Mike Mallory—a biomechanics expert—and Dan McIntosh—a professional triathlete—redesigned traditional body massage tools to be more effective.

Their ergonomic massagers are made to target muscles and soft tissues more easily. By slowly and steadily rolling them over or under different parts of your body, you can help free up movement and even clean out toxins.

With several tools to choose from, you can target any spot that needs attention with as much pressure as you like. The Roller is compact enough to take anywhere—it’s two conjoined rubber balls that work best if used on the
floor or against a wall. The Helix adds an important indented design to the typical cylindrical roller, maneuvering around the spine and bones more easily. The Rod is a thin, coated roller that promotes myofascial release. You can even pair the Rod with the Helix to reach your entire back like a big, massaging rolling pin.

Whether you want to relieve everyday knots or tired muscles from exercise, RAD’s tools will help roll it all away.
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