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Radius Garden

Root Slayer Nomad Case of 6

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Perfect Tool

5/21/2019 by Kim

Saw this as I was looking through the catalog. We are constantly doing yard work. I have used this since we received it and am very happy with it. I have used it primarily for getting to roots of weeds. Have not done any root splitting but have no concern that it will work as stated. Product lives up to the description!


Perfect shovel to dig out weeds!

5/20/2019 by Theresa

Great size easy to handle.


Heavy duty shovel!

5/20/2019 by Nancy

This is a heavy duty shovel which works great!


Crazy wonderful

5/20/2019 by amy

This shovel is everything it says it is. I'm 60+ and petite. I took my first dig and hit a root. This shovel sliced right through it like nobody's business. I planted a bush in no time flat. If I had used my old shovel I would have been there for at least an hour trying to dig a hole through old roots.


Smaller Root Slayer

5/18/2019 by Ellen

I love this shovel...great for everything and not too heavy. Splitting day lilies, trimming plants that are too big, digging up dirt in pathways, making holes to Transplant! Does it all and easily.


As the name says

5/17/2019 by Robert

I've had issues with deep rooted weeds and "junk" trees up to when I purchased this shovel.
It is as the name states, a high quality, easy to use root slaying shovel.
A great purchase.


recipient is thrilled

5/3/2019 by Maddy

My mom asked for this shovel for Christmas. This spring she has sung its praises daily, it works so well for removing plants to transplant, even wood hyacinths are easily dug out with this deep sharp shovel. Highly recommended.


Gardening/Metal Detecting Toy

5/1/2019 by Adrienne

I love both the large and small root slayer. I use them when starting new areas for planting. I also use them in locations where we're trying to reclaim land from overgrowth (most of which is thorny). My husband loves it for metal detecting.


Works great

4/22/2019 by Daniel

The narrow tip and serrated edges are both improvements over the traditional “sharpshooter” shovel. I was surprised at how heavy the tool is, the shape key me to think it would be lighter. I hardly recommend it for the fit gardener.


Awesome shovel

4/21/2019 by Susan

This is a super useful shovel for getting in between plants and cutting through roots and hard soil. Very sturdy and ergonomic. Watch out invasive mini irises you are about to be split! Love it!

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The Radius Garden Story

Tree roots meet their maker.

Root Removers

Radius Garden Founder Bruce Baker created the Root Slayer family of root shovels to streamline digging, chopping, and sawing while you’re hard at work in the garden. And because Bruce always has usability and function in mind, his tools are ergonomic, durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

These toughened up garden tools are made from strong but lightweight carbon steel, and all have an inverted-V cutting blade that’s lined with rip-saw teeth—this is where the slaying action comes from. The blade’s design is purposefully more narrow than typical tools to give you better access and
leverage around roots. Ergonomic grips boost comfort, and there are even smart add-ons—like a twine cutter and bottle opener—built into the trowel and soil knife. These tools are a smarter way to get the dirty, root-removing job done. Read More Read Less