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Radius Garden

Root Slayer Shovel Case of 5

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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I’m an older woman that was looking for a pick ax to break up an over 12 year old rose bush stump and its roots. This root slayer was indeed a God-send and handled the issue thoroughly and with ease. Didn’t have to exert extra energy, this tool did ALL THE WORK. I’ve already shared this tool with 2 older adults on my block.


Dirt Attacker

9/10/2019 by W

Used it over the w/e to dig some holes for perennials and it worked better than any shovel I have ever had.


Works great

9/5/2019 by Jan

Bought this for my son who manages a large landscape and Hardscapes business. He has had his crews try it. According to their feedback they him, it works great and cuts thru roots quite easily; much better than conventional shovels. It won’t deal with large underground roots over 2-3inches in diameter. They would outfit their many crews with this product, if the product remains durable in commercial use.


Root Slayer

8/22/2019 by Gisele

My husband said we didn't need another shovel, but I bought this one. Now it is HIS favorite shovel. We have a "hard as rocks" berm in back yard and this shovel makes planting a whole lot easier. Good buy !


This is the best small shovel I’ve ever had

7/6/2019 by Carol

In rocky New England this is an absolute gem!


Built well

6/27/2019 by Gerald

Awesome strong shovels, buy them.


love it

6/27/2019 by christina

when there isn't a strong man around and you are old, this shovel slices thru those strong root systems.



6/26/2019 by Phillip

Everything and more this is one mean
Shovel ROOT SLAYER IS A VERY APPROPRIATE NAME it seems to be indestructible!!


Makes gardening more comfortable

6/26/2019 by Miriam

Great tool. I have heavy clay soil with lots of roots and this cuts right thru.


Great tool!

6/26/2019 by Nancy

Easy to use, great product. I’m happy I bought this.

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The Radius Garden Story

Tree roots meet their maker.

Root Removers

Radius Garden Founder Bruce Baker created the Root Slayer family of root shovels to streamline digging, chopping, and sawing while you’re hard at work in the garden. And because Bruce always has usability and function in mind, his tools are ergonomic, durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

These toughened up garden tools are made from strong but lightweight carbon steel, and all have an inverted-V cutting blade that’s lined with rip-saw teeth—this is where the slaying action comes from. The blade’s design is purposefully more narrow than typical tools to give you better access and
leverage around roots. Ergonomic grips boost comfort, and there are even smart add-ons—like a twine cutter and bottle opener—built into the trowel and soil knife. These tools are a smarter way to get the dirty, root-removing job done. Read More Read Less