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Radius Garden

Root Slayer Shovel Case of 5

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great shovel

6/11/2018 by Kristina

I bought this because I had annoying "Weed trees" growing on the side of my garage. I was able to get them out a lot easier with this shovel.


Love my root slayer!

6/10/2018 by Nellie

Extremely well packaged, wonderful looks and size for me. Weight is a little heavier than others I've used, but it helps to plunge deep into the ground without much effort on my part and I'm 78 yrs old. It has cut my work in half the time, the side teeth truly cuts through roots effortlessly. The handle is so comfortable to use too. What more can I say. I love it. I recommend getting one if you care about your body. Less work, less aches and pain.



6/10/2018 by Arleen

I can't say enough about this shovel! I find it hard to dig a hole because of roots,etc. but this shovel makes it such a breeze. My 3 sons hate when i have a gardening project that I need help with. They were impressed with the strength and ease of this shovel. Absolutely love it!


Great tool for rocky property

6/10/2018 by Gerrianne

Love this tool-makes my life a lot easier!


Fantastic new shovel

6/9/2018 by Donald

I bought this shovel for my Gardner Wife who only weighs 110 pounds. She loves it because it is easy to handle and cuts well into dirt that has lots of roots.


Really Works

6/9/2018 by James

This is the best purchase I've made in a long time. It make it possible to actually efficiently dig in my soil. If you've got roots and rocks to contend with buy it.


Nothing stops this shovel!

6/8/2018 by Andrea

I really like this shovel because it makes it a while lot easier for me to do my gardening! This is a tough shovel and I can rip through hard dirt. There are a lot of old roots on our property so this Grommet is a godsend!


Best gardening tool!!!!

6/6/2018 by Wanda

What an outstanding tool. Makes gardening easy after years of digging through roots. So good I bought one for my gardening buddy


Works Better Than Expected

6/6/2018 by Bob

My spouse and I couldn't decide between the Original and the Nomad, so we bought both. I took the Original to a very large stump of a 30 year old ( and now dead) Burning Bush that had defied traditional shovels and even an axe. I simply stepped on the Root Slayer making a circle around the dead stump and out popped the stump and most of the roots. Only had a little difficulty with a particularly thick root, but after adjusting my angle of attack, be got through that too.

Its great to buy a tool that is better than expected. Root Slayer lived up to the promises made by the manufacturer, and then some.

This would also be an awesome weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse, too.


Just What I Needed

6/4/2018 by Ken

Quality tool. Just the right length. Relatively comfortable handle that is large enough for both hands. Nicely weighted to dig into the soil and cut the roots. Great price.

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The Radius Garden Story

Tree roots meet their maker.

Root Removers

Radius Garden Founder Bruce Baker created the Root Slayer family of root shovels to streamline digging, chopping, and sawing while you’re hard at work in the garden. And because Bruce always has usability and function in mind, his tools are ergonomic, durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

These toughened up garden tools are made from strong but lightweight carbon steel, and all have an inverted-V cutting blade that’s lined with rip-saw teeth—this is where the slaying action comes from. The blade’s design is purposefully more narrow than typical tools to give you better access and
leverage around roots. Ergonomic grips boost comfort, and there are even smart add-ons—like a twine cutter and bottle opener—built into the trowel and soil knife. These tools are a smarter way to get the dirty, root-removing job done. Read More Read Less