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Radius Garden

Root Slayer Shovel Case of 5

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Root Slayer is the right name!

6/4/2018 by Debra

I love my root slayer shovel. My garden area is cross-crossed with TOUGH roots of old shrubbery, making it difficult to dig holes for my flowers. The Root Slayer makes digging holes MUCH easier than with a regular shovel. I think I’ll go buy more flowers!



5/30/2018 by Jerl

This garden tool exceeded my expectation. I've used it to remove large sapling tree roots, densely clumped grass roots, burdock weed tap roots, and more. A shovel, a saw, a pry bar, all in one. I got the standard handle version and love it!


Not your ordinary shovel!

5/29/2018 by Peggy

This shovel takes shoveling to the next level. It's absolutely amazing. My husband was so happy with it he asked me to order another one to gift to a family member. While I was at it I went ahead and ordered the trowel, as I know it will be the same high quality and a pleasure to use.


Great tool!

4/24/2019 by Mary

I would like to use this more, but the rain has kept me from working in my garden. However, I have used it some and have been very impressed. I do think I should have bought the shorter handle. I am 5'6" and my husband is 6'2" and I thought it might inspire him.


Good tool

7/26/2018 by Melinda

Love how strong this is, not going to break anytime soon. Yet it's also lightweight! Digs really well. One feature I don't use are the side saws, I find it awkward to try and use the side of shovel to saw through roots. Would still purchase as a great alternative to traditional shovels.


Up to the task

7/26/2018 by Roxy

Does the job. Seems plenty sturdy. Never seen one like it. Round handle was kind of an adjustment to get used to.


Works well in most areas

7/17/2018 by Maureen

While it works well on anything green,like small tree & bush roots. The older the root ,the dryer the roots, the harder it was to work it out.
However I only weigh 120lbs,a man with double the bodyweight had NO issues getting it to work. So I am a lightweight.


Mixed results

10/7/2019 by asimina

My daughter, who does landscape designs and installations, is using this. The blade is very effective, but she wishes the ergonomic handle were longer. She is tall and the short handle is hard on her back. They do offer a longer handle model, but without the ergonomic handle.


The Nomad is my favorite

7/6/2019 by Carol

This was heavier than the Nomad and didn’t work as well. The handle on the Nomad is also easier to manage and alternatively I can use it as a shovel or a weeder


Very small handle

6/16/2018 by Jennifer

He handle on the version I ordered is very small and not ergonomically correct. It causes pain with use. Considering an exchange for the larger handle but not sure about the circular shape.

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The Radius Garden Story

Tree roots meet their maker.

Root Removers

Radius Garden Founder Bruce Baker created the Root Slayer family of root shovels to streamline digging, chopping, and sawing while you’re hard at work in the garden. And because Bruce always has usability and function in mind, his tools are ergonomic, durable, and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

These toughened up garden tools are made from strong but lightweight carbon steel, and all have an inverted-V cutting blade that’s lined with rip-saw teeth—this is where the slaying action comes from. The blade’s design is purposefully more narrow than typical tools to give you better access and
leverage around roots. Ergonomic grips boost comfort, and there are even smart add-ons—like a twine cutter and bottle opener—built into the trowel and soil knife. These tools are a smarter way to get the dirty, root-removing job done. Read More Read Less