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Cloth Paper Towels - very different!!

9/24/2020 by Karen

Just happened to come across these while browsing your on-line catalog. When they arrived in the mail my sister thought I was crazy and that these cloth paper towels couldn’t be that great. The roll seemed to last forever!! We have washed and dried them numerous times. I use them as a bottle wrap to catch the sweat on the bottle. Will buy again soon, still have half a roll.


Great product - just need everyone know what it is!

9/14/2020 by Tee

I love these! But, when I first brought them into the home, they were getting thrown away like regular paper towels. LOL. After I explained to the family what they were, I got strange looks, then shrugs and everyone was on board. They last about 5 washings.


Love these!

8/11/2020 by John

I have been using these for quick clean ups and I will wash and reuse for sure. I plan on either making DIY facial wipes or disinfecting wipes with them.


Where does this fit in on usage

7/20/2020 by Gaston

It's an excellent idea. However, what is this 'cloth paper" used for? It is rather expensive for drying the hands. For general cleaning, a sponge works just as well if not better..., more sturdy. I have been using it as a disposable handkerchief.


Very good product fits a cleaning nich

7/20/2020 by Byron

I really like the product, have used and thrown in regular laundry and re used them. They can fit some cleaning niches , my only problem is they are made in China so not sure I'll purchase them again. Probably would if made in USA


Love these

7/13/2020 by Mary Ellen

First day I used these as napkins, kitchen counter cleaners, and my partner took one to use on his car. They feel good, wash easily and are strong!


Multi-tasking towel

7/11/2020 by karen

Bought a roll for me and a roll for my Mom and we both love these handy towelettes. I use them in my kitchen as kitchen towels, and use them to dust, clean my glasses, as reusable napkins, etc. and when they are soiled I but a little bit of Dawn on them, rinse them out and hang them up to dry, which they also dry quickly. I would definitely recommend it to others. Have also machine washed a couple of them and they did great.


Very cool

6/16/2020 by Maryellen

I'm very glad I bought these. I don't wash them -- even though I could -- because I use them for really dirty jobs where paper towels wouldn't hold up and rags would be too rough. I just throw them out when I'm done. They're affordable enough to do that. They're not for everyday jobs, but I like having them as part of my cleaning arsenal.


Love them!

6/3/2020 by Dolores

These towels are so much stronger than even my best and strongest paper towels.


Love these!

6/2/2020 by WENDY

Lint-free and hardy! I use these to remove makeup, dust furniture, scrub bathrooms and kitchen! Never tears and I use them over and over!

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