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5/10/2020 by Karen

Interesting concept. Paper towels that are reusable. After using paper towels all my life it takes a bit to remember “do not throw away!”


Long lastin towels

5/4/2020 by Susan

These towels Are tough and last so long I don’t feel guilty using them.


Great! And reusable too.

5/4/2020 by Lori

I love these cloth paper towels. I have completely eliminated regular paper towels and these launder really well. I never would’ve believed it, but they do. They absorb really well and they’re super sturdy. Definitely a keeper!


Love it!

5/3/2020 by Christine

These towels are exactly as described. I have used two towels already, and have washed them and used them, washed them again, and continue to use the same ones. They are just like a paper towel except stronger, and it’s a bonus that you can throw them into the washing machine. Great for the environment and great for ME!



4/21/2020 by Adelaida

I ordered the cloth paper towels on a whim due to the Covid19 and not being able to find paper towels in the stores. These were the best solution for my problem. I have used the same three cloths for two weeks now. They are sturdy and wipe everything up. Have thrown them in the washer and dryer more than four times. They come out fine and keep doing the job. Delivery was right on time. Thank you Grommet for a great product. Order them, you won’t regret it.


Great oxymoron!

4/19/2020 by June

Cloth paper towels.... they feel and work great. Thanks to whomever had the brainstorm!


Excellent product

4/18/2020 by Susan

These cloth “paper” towels are better than either - paper or towels. They are easy to rinse out, they dry quickly and can be reused. I’ve used them for cleaning the bathroom counters, for example, and was able to rinse and reuse. I love these.


Can't miss paper towels!

4/18/2020 by Rhonda

This is a must buy. It's true. You can keep reusing these time and time again. They stay strong, even after washing them several times.


A product that straddles cloth and paper towels for many household uses.ehold

4/18/2020 by Holly

These reusable towels are great for animal accidents on rugs as they hold up well for
light scrubbing and being re-rinsed many times and don't stiffen after drying. Only purchased 1 roll to test their usefulness but will be getting several more to give family members.


Nice towels

4/18/2020 by Flossie

They feel like flannel after you wash them. I stepped in dog poop in the yard and tracked it in the house so I threw that square away but all the rest I just throw in with my laundry and reuse.

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