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Wonderful alternative to paper towels.

8/10/2019 by Bonnie

These towels are very absorbent and dry quickly. I washed several with dish liquid and have also put them in the washer. I've used them to clean car windows, dust furniture, wipe up spills on counters and floors.

Well designed product. I have five of them in use and as they get stained I just throw them in the washer. I think that this roll will last a long time.


I like them

8/9/2019 by Margaret

Nice fabric and works well but I never want to throw them away! So I rinse them out and use them again and again.


Great product

7/18/2019 by ROBERT A

I haven’t opened my roll yet. I already have some of this product that I’m using. I’ve washed all the crystal glassware and antique glass and used these cloths to do a final wiping to get rid of finger prints and dust. It does a top notch job!!


Nice Replacement for Paper Towels

6/28/2019 by Elaine

I loves these "cloth towels." They are durable and last after many uses. I feel like I am saving a bundle by not buying paper towels. Expensive at $20 a roll for 75 large towels but not so expensive when you think of all the savings from not using paper towels. I'll buy these again.


So many uses

6/2/2019 by Cindy

I love these towels! I was a little concerned about the cost at first, but decided to give them a try. I hate regular paper towels because they are also expensive (do the math) and are basically one use. I am very conscious of the impact on our environment with the number of paper towels I throw away and these cloth towels are the answer. The towels are large, and super strong so I cut them in half and save even more. Plan to buy some as gifts!


5/22/2019 by Christine

These work exactly as described! They really are washable and strong! I use them to clean our bathroom sink area, polish mirrors, wipe up spills and especially in my car to dust and clean! Keep a few folded for emergency messes/spills in your car. Very happy!


Love These Towels!!

4/30/2019 by Lori

Rakot75 cured me of my addiction to paper towels! These are a thousand times better. They trap a ton of dust and dirt and can be rinsed out and used again and again. They are so soft yet super strong. I use them all over my house, in my car and even at work.


Conveniently on a roll

4/28/2019 by Jerry

This product is very similar to a Janitorial product I use. That product is not on a roll though and not nearly as convenient.


Expensive but nice

4/23/2019 by Karen

Careful about using them as they are expensive. Look just like the real thing. Feel softer and yes do last longer. Must be careful not to just toss them like regular ones. I go through them so fast not sure that i will order again.


Great product!

4/19/2019 by Diane

I had read the previous reviews and decided to place an order. These towels are great, easy to rinse out and even though I thought a little pricey, they are worth it to me because of the many uses I get from one sheet!

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