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Rakot75 takes the cake....

4/13/2019 by Jay

or cleans it up.... Soft enough to clean your monitor yet durable enough to use on a car engine or to wipe down the dirtiest of dirty. Just rinse it out and it's like you never used it in the first place. I bought a roll about 6 months ago and am only about 1/2 way through it. It's like magic, I tell you - magic.

I used to go through about $40-$60 worth of paper towels in the time it's taken me to use less than half a roll, so it's also saving me tons of cash.

Try it, you won't be disappointed.


Really terrific!

4/13/2019 by Monica

These towels are wonderful and it’s taking a bit for me to get used to using them freely. They seem too good to just use for any wipe-up. It is easy to rinse them in soapy water and keep using them over and over again. What a great way to replace paper towels!!


Works well...

4/12/2019 by Julie

...especially on mirrors and windows, lint free. Nice to have a strong 'paper towel' that holds up, is washable, dries well and you can reuse, instead of throwing it away!


Great idea and paper saver!

4/6/2019 by Gayle

This product is fabulous. I use it to clean the sinks and kitchen tops. It saves me wash cloths and paper towels. Reusable and hardy. Great product.


Wonderful Product!

3/22/2019 by Stanley

This is really a brilliant invention. It is everything it is described, in terms of being tear proof, reusable, easy to clean when needed, lint free, and washable. I will never have to buy a paper towel ever again!! It cleans whatever you want to use it for. You typically only need to wet it, or apply a cleaning solution (specific to a very unusual and difficult cleaning project, such as a rusty metal), but the cloth can be washed right off in a jiffy.


Great product

3/17/2019 by Joseph

I ordered one to try this product. When I reorder I will be getting one for kitchen and two baths. Unique, disposable, long lasting. Great product.


Simply Amazing

3/15/2019 by Tee

I cannot believe how great these are! No lint so can clean glass and mirrors. Soft so can use as a napkin or tissue. But strong - used as a swifter mop pad! Love, love, love this product!


Very Useful

3/15/2019 by Lily

It’s great to have the reusable towels. The hardest is to get my family not to throw them away.


Worth it...

3/15/2019 by Thomas

Expensive but probably worth it for quality and long use...


Perfect for parents!

3/2/2019 by Lynz

Love these!! They have been invaluable since having my son! I use them for EVERYTHING, from wiping down the high chair, catching spit up, lining cloth diapers, wiping runny noses, and so much more!! I can’t imagine parenting without them!

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