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Don't put in the dryer

4/19/2020 by Dave

Soft, fairly absorbent, survive frequent rinsing for reuse. If you put in the washer, just don't put in the dryer, as they shrink to half their size.



3/21/2020 by Jay

These are very durable and have a nice feel of strength to them.


Long lasting, tough

11/1/2019 by Lumina

Can be used multiple times, but very expensive


Happier than I expected!

10/24/2019 by Elizabeth

I certainly had a lot of doubts about whether or not this product would do what I want it to do, keep me from adding paper towels to landfills. I have not had them very long so perhaps they won’t be as helpful in the future, but for now I love how well they work. I truly can use the towel to clean up a huge mess and then wash it out, use a little soup, and let it dry to be reused. I can consciously see that I am not adding as many paper towels to what would go into a landfill as I used to.


Great product

7/31/2019 by Nicholas

Love these!


Good product, but not for me.

10/31/2019 by Andrea

I used these cloth towels in my kitchen to clean appliances and countertops. They did not last long as they disintegrated after a couple of washings. I prefer to use cloth rags that stand up better in the laundry.


Nice idea but...

6/26/2019 by Jody

I love the idea as I try to use sustainable/ecological practices. I didn't like the feel of the towels once washed - had pilling and the texture got weird


Nice product

4/5/2019 by Karen

This is not for 'everyday use" like a paper towel. Really acts like a rag..I liked it but did not like having to think about when to use it...


not bad

3/26/2019 by LINDA

I have been using them for clean ups and washing them in the machine . They hold up well in the machine. I have taken to washing them prior to using them. I feel it adds to their absorbency. They will last quite a while and are good for spills such. I do not however feel they are very good at hand drying.....


Interesting concept.

10/19/2020 by Paige

In the end, a rag does better and this is an expensive paper towel!

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