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Happier than I expected!

10/24/2019 by Elizabeth

I certainly had a lot of doubts about whether or not this product would do what I want it to do, keep me from adding paper towels to landfills. I have not had them very long so perhaps they won’t be as helpful in the future, but for now I love how well they work. I truly can use the towel to clean up a huge mess and then wash it out, use a little soup, and let it dry to be reused. I can consciously see that I am not adding as many paper towels to what would go into a landfill as I used to.


Great product

7/31/2019 by Nicholas

Love these!


Good product, but not for me.

10/31/2019 by Andrea

I used these cloth towels in my kitchen to clean appliances and countertops. They did not last long as they disintegrated after a couple of washings. I prefer to use cloth rags that stand up better in the laundry.


Nice idea but...

6/26/2019 by Jody

I love the idea as I try to use sustainable/ecological practices. I didn't like the feel of the towels once washed - had pilling and the texture got weird


Nice product

4/5/2019 by Karen

This is not for 'everyday use" like a paper towel. Really acts like a rag..I liked it but did not like having to think about when to use it...


not bad

3/26/2019 by LINDA

I have been using them for clean ups and washing them in the machine . They hold up well in the machine. I have taken to washing them prior to using them. I feel it adds to their absorbency. They will last quite a while and are good for spills such. I do not however feel they are very good at hand drying.....


Not the value it appears to be.

5/5/2020 by Joseph

These towels ARE better than plain single-ply paper towels as far as strength is concerned, but they have an "oily" feel to them that leaves a film on glass or shiny surfaces. A better product (blue "shop" towels) are available in most of the home improvement or automotive departments in the big-box stores, and they're stronger, no "oily" feel, and MUCH less expensive at $2-$4 per roll.


Not as useful as I had hoped!

3/25/2019 by Cynthia

I really wanted to like this product, and the concept behind it is excellent. On the positive side, the sheets from the roll are strong and absorbent, and they are truly washable and reusable many time over. But I had two problems, and both had to do with the subsequent uses. One was convenience; these come originally on a terrific roll that you can put in a stand or holder. After they're used and washed, however, they need to be accessed in a completely different way as they are individual sheets. I have not figured out how to efficiently access the washed sheets. Also, once washed, the sheets are smaller, much softer, and rather static-y. They cling to each other and to other fabric. Thus I probably will not purchase them again. On the other hand, this roll may last me forever. Great concept...hope it can be improved!


cloth paper towels

5/16/2020 by Verdelle

Not happy with them. They are not very absorbent and get full of fuzz like pills when washed in machine with items like towels. Won't purchase again.


MISLABELED. These are wipes, NOT paper towels !

3/29/2020 by Nora O.

The description is misleading.
These DO NOT WORK as paper towels;
they lack texture & are not absorbent at all.

they are hand & machine washable WIPES; more like sturdy, slick, thin paper towels.

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