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It is GREAT!

10/10/2020 by Marianne

Makes cutting grapes or cherry tomatoes a simple quick process. I was so excited after I tried mine that I ordered a bunch to use for gifts. Anyone who cooks will love it!



9/6/2020 by Sherrie

I consider 90% of all kitchen gadgets to be pure gimickry, but this one is absolute genius. My first use was some very tiny cherry tomatoes from the garden and I truly didn't think it would work as there was barely room between the top and bottom halves of the slicer but, voila! Perfectly sliced tomatoes. I just bought 8 more for my annual "best finds of the year" baskets for friends and family. I hope the inventor gets rich.


Excellent Product

8/12/2020 by Ardelle

When I ordered this I questioned how well it would work? When it arrived I washed it and placed a full dish of homegrown cherry tomatoes and found the appropriate knife and sliced away. When I pulled the lid I was ready for a mess; instead, I found perfectly sliced tomatoes for my salad!!!


Great idea

8/8/2020 by Lynette

This is good for slicing cherry tomatoes to go on a salad.


Handy gadget

4/13/2020 by L

This multi-use gadget if very helpful!


Slicing made easier

2/27/2020 by Catherine

This makes slicing cherry tomatoes much easier and more uniform in size. You can't go wrong with this slicer.


Very Useful

12/1/2019 by Charles

The Kitchen Slicer works as advertised. It is a valuable addition to our food preparation devices.


Good Purchase

11/23/2019 by susan

I've used it so far to cut grape tomatoes in half & it works as advertised. I am pleased!


how else could you cut several dozen small tomatoes in seconds????

11/2/2019 by nina

this gadget is terrific. I grow cherry and grape tomatoes in the summer and get losds of them if i wanted to put them into a salad i'd spend time cutting each one. This slicer does dozens in one cut. I have bought many for friends...we're all gardeners.


Assistive Device

11/2/2019 by Elisabeth

I have only used it twice, but it was helpful.

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The Rapid Slicer Story

Cut a batch grape tomatoes with one slice.

A Cut Above

Cindy Fox had it with slicing tiny, roll-y cherry tomatoes one by one for a salad. So her husband Rob began tinkering to make his own kitchen slicer that did the job faster and easier.

Rapid Slicer is the result of Cindy’s frustration and Rob’s ingenuity. The Made in the USA tool lends a hand when you’re slicing tricky foods—like grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives, and brussel sprouts. It can even help with chicken breast and shrimp, too. Depending on what you’re cutting, using a chef’s knife or serrated blade might work best.

Non-slip feet give the base better grip, and the lid holds foods
firmly in place so you can neatly slice through everything in one (easy) pass. Read More Read Less