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it works well

7/29/2019 by Steve

I have tried many different kitchen gadgets said to privide a safe reproducable easy method of reducing foods to thinner sections. Most were dissapointments. I like this product because it does all of the above without reducing my hand to paper thin pieces. I have been unable to filet skinless chicken breasts into thinner sections for quick cooking to top a summer salad. This works well but has some limits in the shape and. size of the item being sliced.
Is it possible to fabricate additional sizes and shapes such as a rectangle ovals or bigger circles?.......just a thought!
Glad I got it.



7/20/2019 by Karen

I use it every day with no fear of cutting myself.


Perfect slicing

5/1/2019 by C

Slices straight through everything, smooth as silk. Got one for myself, then ordered 6 more for all DILs. Love it!


greatest thing since sliced bread

2/22/2019 by ROSEMARY

I absolutely love this product. I've used to slice chicken breasts in half. It works wonderfully.


A great kitchen gadget.

2/14/2019 by Marcia

Excellent. I use it mostly to make chicken cutlets from whole chicken breasts.


I love this thing

2/14/2019 by kalina

It seemed like a completely frivolous purchase and another thing for the overflowing kitchen gadget drawer. but I LOVE this thing! use it all the time. works on tomatoes, grapes... thinking about trying it on Brussels Sprouts. Love it!


Love, love, love it.

2/14/2019 by Eileen

Works on cherry tomatoes, olives, grapes, comes out perfectly sliced in half..



2/13/2019 by Judy

Love it most for slicing through thick chicken breasts without endangering my hands.


Easy to use

2/13/2019 by K

Very easy to use and helpful.


Best Ever!

1/21/2019 by Mary Anne

I do not like to touch uncooked chicken and this works like a charm! Best gadget ever and I love all my gadgets!

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The Rapid Slicer Story

Cut a batch grape tomatoes with one slice.

A Cut Above

Cindy Fox had it with slicing tiny, roll-y cherry tomatoes one by one for a salad. So her husband Rob began tinkering to make his own kitchen slicer that did the job faster and easier.

Rapid Slicer is the result of Cindy’s frustration and Rob’s ingenuity. The Made in the USA tool lends a hand when you’re slicing tricky foods—like grapes, cherry tomatoes, olives, and brussel sprouts. It can even help with chicken breast and shrimp, too. Depending on what you’re cutting, using a chef’s knife or serrated blade might work best.

Non-slip feet give the base better grip, and the lid holds foods
firmly in place so you can neatly slice through everything in one (easy) pass. Read More Read Less